6 Useful Ways to Spice Up your Beauty by Vinegar

Sometimes home made remedies and kitchen ingredients are as useful as other brands like L’Oreal. Have a look at the kitchen and you will find many helpful ingredients like apple cider vinegar in the preset for the bathroom purposes too.

In fact hair colorist Christophe Robin turns to vinegar for many DIY hair and skin care remedies, his favorite brand being Santa Maria Novella ($52). But if you are looking for something a little more practically priced just have a bottle of apple cider vinegar at your local grocery store. Use the vinegar from head to toe to have shiny hair or a smooth skin that is free from acids.

For smooth skin:

As vinegar is acidic, it opens the pores of skin and makes it extremely shiny. So, add it with the body cream to have a nice smell without having perfume.

For shiny, brass free hair:

Many times the shampoo and the conditioner don’t get rinsed so perfectly making hair heavy and not shiny enough. To avoid this, apply five drops of vinegar along with cold water in a bowl on the scalp and hair to make it perfect.  But instead of washing it out, leave it to debunk and debris your strands.

For a healing bath:

Your itchy skin can be soothed out by having vinegar in your bath water because of the anti-inflammatory properties.

For a clean scalp:

Apple cider vinegar has natural anti fungal properties and therefore can help eliminate a flaky scalp caused by dandruff. Prepare your own shampoo by mixing a solution that’s half water and half apple cider vinegar.

For a clear face:

For oily complexions, Vinegar can be best remedy and balances the pH of the skin and acts as an astringent. Stir up a half-and-half mixture to use as a toner before your daily moisturizing routine.


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