What really works for mosquito control in 2018 summer? 

mosquito control

It is officially summertime and we are surrounded by a bright sunshine and a hot weather. Though summer brings in a fresh vibe, it also comes with mosquitoes. Summer is a peak time for mosquitoes. Mosquito control should be taken seriously because mosquitoes are the cause behind many diseases like Zika and West Nile virus.

The cases of these diseases have increased over the years. So, one should know what really works for mosquito control in this summer.

mosquito control

Mosquitoes are tiny but they are a threat to your health and outdoor summer enjoyment. If you plan to spend time outdoors make sure you take special care in controlling mosquito around you. You should know about the preventions and dangers involved with mosquitoes. Not only for yourself, but mosquito control is needed to protect your family and pets. Read on to know more about it.

Dry out water

The amount of water that mosquitoes need is to breed is ½’. So, get rid of any standing water in areas where you, your kids, and pets spend most of the time. Areas such as birdbaths, flower pots, wading pools, and other areas in and around your home should be emptied and scrubbed at a particular time in a week. In addition to this, tarps and other vessels that hold water should be turned over. Plus, check the grill covers, trash cans, buckets, and remove any standing water to be extra careful.

mosquito control

Check your gutters to make sure they are clear so that they don’t have any amount of pooling water. You can also install gutter guards for clearing out your gutters. Do not head towards areas such as ditches, ponds, wooded areas, and high grass areas so that you do not come in contact with places in which mosquitoes rest or breed.

Watch out for their schedule

mosquito control

You will see mosquitoes the most active at the time that falls between dusk and dawn. They are peak on their activity in the early evenings and early mornings. So, make sure you don’t do any outdoor activity during this time. So, be indoors and use a mosquito repellent. Mosquitoes get attracted by body heat so you would also have to take care of this.

Call professionals

mosquito control

If you are facing problems with mosquitoes, then you can call a pest control company that will provide you will a professional evaluation and craft a treatment plan for you. They do a thorough evaluation at their end and give a comprehensive guide to ensure an effective mosquito control.

Eliminate any triggers

Mosquitoes get allured by carbon dioxide. People that give out an increased amount of carbon dioxide are pregnant women, larger people, etc. These are people that have higher metabolic rates. So, such people should follow the necessary precautions. Don’t do any outdoor activity like exercising at the time when mosquitoes are at a peak. Wear long pants and sleeves to be extra careful.

Protection at home

When the mosquito season arrives, shut down doors and windows as much as possible. The screens of your doors and windows must be in a good repair. Get any tears repaired or simply go for a replacement if they are damaged beyond repair. You can also use the best mosquito trap.

Cover yourself up 

Do not wear clothing that contains floral prints or dark colors. The summer months should be spent without wearing such clothing. Take extra care when babies are outdoors and they should be covered up accordingly. Mosquito nettings can be used over strollers whenever possible. Plus, mosquitoes get attracted by sweet smells so avoid any sweet-smelling colognes and perfumes.  An insect repellent that contains DEET should be used.

mosquito control

Other things that you can keep in mind to have an efficient control over mosquitoes this summer are:

  • Clear out any debris from your gutter
  • Drain out water from pet dishes, old tires, children’s toys, etc.
  • Wear light color clothing
  • Encourage family members and other people in your area for practicing preventive measures for controlling mosquitoes

So, these were the steps that you should take for controlling mosquitoes as they are definitely going to work. Try to cover up, avoid outdoor activity, shut your doors and windows as much as you can, stay away from mosquito breeding areas, do your best to eliminate any standing water in and around the house and stay away from resources that are a resting or breeding place for mosquitoes.

You can also call for professional pest control services to solve any problems related to mosquitoes for a more efficient way of dealing with mosquitoes. Any areas that allow mosquito breeding should be eliminated to ensure the safety of everybody. In addition to this, do not forget to use an insect repellent. Plus, keep a close watch on the schedule of mosquitoes so that you know when and how to act.


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