4 Magical Ways to make Hair look more Plump and Heavy…

There are many ways to make your hair grow faster but many times we need to create an illusion of thick and full in shape strands of hair which will need a little care and tricks to make it happen related to in cut, color, and ensuring that your hair is excellent condition .these are as follow to master the art of illusion:

First of all you need to keep your ends in tip-top shape:

“The more your ends match your roots, the healthier the hair looks,” explains master hairstylist Natasha Warton-Sanivskaya, of Cetana Salon Spa in San Francisco. So as to make your ends look as fresh as the roots use protein-rich shampoo and conditioner to plump up the hair. If you will apply the deep conditioners on the ends only that is occasionally will also make a huge difference.

Think heavy:

Your coiffure is looking a bit wimpy; consider getting a cut that has more of a blunt feel making the hair look more heavy and full. Thus, severe lines create fullness and weight.

Go darker:

Sometimes applying a color that’s one shade deeper (whether it’s warm or cool) around the outer perimeter, a longer, fuller look is achieved. So, you just don’t need to go darker all over around .


Warton-Sanivskaya suggests adding a fun pop of color just under that top layer, at the parietal ridge. Not only will this technique provide lots of movement, but it also enables you to go from something more modest to something more playful—just by parting your hair in a different direction.

Mix and match:

Finally going back to the ends-should-match-the-roots mantra, so as to revitalize washed-out, sun-lightened ends with a hue that coordinates with your roots.


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