7 Amazing Skin Care Tips Should Be Followed by Every Mom to Be

Skin Care

Every mom-to-be is more concerned about the survival of her baby and her health. The way she looks during pregnancy is a secondary concern. However, there are skin care tips to keep in mind during pregnancy. Hormonal changes that transform body shapes are inevitable experiences for every mom-to-be. Freckles, fine lines, dark circles, and spots are common skin blemishes during a period of pregnancy. However, anti-aging creams can do the magic of skin rejuvenation.

Skin CareSkin blemishes can wreak havoc on your beauty during pregnancy. With the use of the best anti-wrinkle cream and amazing skin care tips, every mom-to-be shouldn’t be worried. Nine months of pregnancy should be a beautiful phase of life. When skin pigmentation changes a glowing skin to a dull and pale appearance, it’s time to reexamine your skincare routine. Apart from maintaining a skin care routine; the intake of water in sufficient volumes every day makes your skin glow and slows the effect of aging.

  • Maintain a Healthy Weight

Every mom-to-be experience food cravings because they feed two stomachs. It shouldn’t be an opportunity for consuming unhealthy diets. Consult your gynecologist on the right diets that maintain a healthy weight. The consumption of refined sugar, processed sugary drinks, fats and carbs can affect your weight and skin beauty. Always maintain a diet plan that supports skin beauty and a healthy weight.

  • Makeup

Learn how to prevent wrinkles and conceal blemishes by using cosmetic makeups. With concealers, expectant mothers can hide dark spots and wrinkles. However, it’s normal for hormonal changes to fight back with more blemishes on the skin. Apply some foundation as face care that brightens your appearance during pregnancy. Don’t forget to wipe off your make up before going to bed at night. It’s better to use an alcohol-based cleanser to clear chemicals from makeups. More so, it’s healthy to maintain clear pores with less natural oils on your facial skin.

  • Clear Stretch Marks From Your Body

Stretch marks are natural signs of an expanded skin layer. The area where the expansion acts on the skin becomes torn and leaves a mark. Stretch marks are common during pregnancy and after giving birth. The bump of your fetus causes the belly skin to expand and accommodate the child. However, anti-aging creams can fade stretch marks. You can apply the cream and gently massage your stomach and other affected parts of the skin. Repeat this process on a daily basis and enjoy a flawless skin while pregnant.

  • Avoid Stress 

Stress is what causes wrinkles in pregnant women. Every mom-to-be deserves at least ten hours of sleep every day. However, the weight of an unborn child induces fatigue for moms-to-be especially in the first trimester of pregnancy. However, a lack of sufficient sleep is a surefire way to induce stress. To remain beautiful and have a glowing skin during pregnancy, get enough sleep. Plenty of rest is a natural way of avoiding stress and improving your appearance while pregnant.

Sleep deprivation and fatigue are factors that spike the growth of dark circles during pregnancy. More so, your skincare routine is complete when you avoid stressful events and make yourself comfortable before falling asleep. A maternity cushion can ease stress and keep you healthy during pregnancy.

  • Skin-Tightening Exercise

The accumulation of excess water and fat under the skin layer during pregnancy will cause saggy skin muscles. Use skin-tightening exercises to enjoy a beautiful appearance without using wrinkle cream. These exercises help you grow lean muscles and tone the skin.

Apart from joining maternity yoga classes, there are skin-tightening exercise to indulge in during the antenatal stage of pregnancy. Moms-to-be can use a common skin-tightening exercise called pigeon face.

Use the index fingers and thumbs of both hands to support the sides of your lower jaw. Then bend your head forward and apply pressure on the neck muscles. Target the area with fat muscles under the jaw; press and hold firmly. Maintain this posture (at least ten seconds) before relaxing the pressure. Repeat the process five times every day to reduce the double chin under your jaw.

  • Avoid Harmful Radiations From Sunlight

Early morning sun enriches the skin with essential vitamins. Whereas, over-exposure to blistering sunlight is a surefire way of getting sunburns. While pregnant, your skin’s sensitivity to the sunlight increases. You can wear a pregnancy-friendly sunscreen or a broad-brimmed hat to avoid the harmful ultraviolet rays from sunlight. It’s not healthy to use chemical sunscreens that don’t contain zinc oxide.

Alternatively, sun-blockers can be worn as foundations before a makeup. Sun-blockers covers the appearance of wrinkles and smile lines around the mouth.

  • Wear Aloe Vera Facial Mask

Don’t panic when your experience folds, wrinkles, and smile lines on your skin. There’s a natural way of fading these blemishes without using anti-aging creams. Mix a pulp of aloe vera gel with carrier oils (like olive, coconut, almond or lavender oils) to form a paste. The antioxidant-rich gel from succulent aloe vera plants can be worn as a facial mask. It’s the function of carrier oils to seep the collagen-boosting ingredient through the pores of your skin.

When applied on the affected parts of the skin that has blemishes; vitamin C and E keeps the skin hydrated and fade blemishes.


When you are pregnant, being mindful of your skin is a natural way to reduce the appearance of dark spots, crow’s feet, frown lines, smile lines and wrinkles. It means that you’ll have to stand in front of a mirror for the period of nine months. Women can tighten their skin muscles by using anti-aging creams. So, staying hydrated and moisturized just got easier by applying skin routine tips. However, the easiest way of maintaining a moisturized skin is to drink sufficient water.

The recommended daily intake of water is a gallon. Water is a natural diuretic; it flushes toxins and heavy metal from your body. More so, water retains the skin’s elasticity and reduces the effect of aging.


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