Some Tips to increase HDL Cholesterol level in your Body

We are lucky to have cholesterol-lowering statin drugs, Driving down low-density lipoprotein (LDL) or simply “bad” cholesterol. This “bad” cholesterol has been the top listed approach in the improvement of cholesterol level. But there is something extra also present in the narration of cholesterol and cardiovascular risk than LDL standing alone. The HDL (high-density lipoprotein) or “good-cholesterol” is also the one important for cholesterol level.

Higher the HDL, lower is the cardiovascular risk. Simple changes in your lifestyle can boost the level of HDL, is somewhat the good news for all of us. LDL is removed by HDL from artery walls and transfers to the liver for further operations. Potentially dangerous inflammation and clot formation is also protected by HDLs. Increasing levels of HDL can even lower the risk of heart-attack and stroke, studies shows.

Harvard Women’s Health Watch, suggests some things that people can do to enhance the HDL levels in human body. They are

Aerobic Exercise:

Some aerobic exercise up to vigorous level can boost HDL by 5-10 %.Try to do at least 30 min. sessions per week.

Go for a weight loss:

If you are extra-weighted, go for a weight loss session. It will improve HDL level by about 1 mg/dL for every seven pounds lost.

Quit smoking:

HDL levels will increase drastically by 15-20%

Follow healthy diet:

Trans fats, highly refined carbohydrates etc. should be avoided as it increases bad cholesterol and
decreases good one.

Medication consideration:

Niacin is the most effective medication available for HDL improvement. Consult your clinician if you want to try it.


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