Different Types of Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal

The chore of shaving, especially in sensitive areas, is one that no one looks forward to on a regular basis. Laser hair removal technology has created several types of equipment that can destroy the hair follicles and completely eliminate the need to shave. All are considered safe and most rarely offer any serious side effects. Below are some of the laser hair removal treatments that are available.

Laser Hair Removal

Effectiveness and Levels of Discomfort

When researching the type of laser procedure you want to undergo for hair removal, understand that each one will offer a different level of results, discomfort, and side effect. Some types of laser treatments are more uncomfortable during the procedure but offer quicker, more lasting results. You might want to choose a gentler method for sensitive areas like the face and bikini line. Most side effects are mainly a redness of the skin in the area treated and slight swelling for a day or two. No matter what your hair removal needs are, there is a method just right for you.

Alexandrite Laser

The Alexandrite laser is one that focuses success on the ability of the melanin in hair follicles to absorb the light, which destroys the follicle. The laser is pulsed rapidly and can cause more discomfort during the procedure than other methods. It can handle a large area of the body but might need repeating if hair grows back. It’s most beneficial to people with lighter skin and fewer skin sensitivities. If hair does regrow, it’s lighter and in lesser amounts. The Alexandrite laser method is considered a method of permanent hair removal.

Ruby Laser

The Ruby laser method is also considered a permanent hair removal procedure, although it may have to be repeated a few times. The ruby laser is the first type ever used for hair removal. It’s only recommended for light skin. Avoid use on darker or tanned skin due to the more ineffective nature for use on darker, coarse hair. The pulse distance is set with a two-second delay, allowing for increased comfort of the person having the procedure done. The hair follicles absorb the laser light and it destroys the hair growing capabilities. Side effects are low to mild.

Diode Laser

The diode laser method is one in which light and heat are concentrated and directed with pinpoint accuracy into the hair follicles. The heat and light destroy the follicle and lead to permanent hair removal. It can take several visits for diode laser treatment to be completely effective, but the procedure is quick. The laser light is absorbed by the pigment in the melanin, but the outer skin remains protected. Only slight side effects of skin redness and swelling are reported.

Nd:YAG Laser

Neodymium and yttrium aluminum garnet laser hair removal is relatively new but is proving to be effective for any hair type. It has previously been used primarily for removal of tattoos and to treat discolored skin. The hair follicles have to absorb the carbon lotion that is applied to the skin. The laser will then destroy the follicles. It is considered the hair removal treatment that causes the most discomfort during the procedure.

IPL Hair Removal

IPL or intense pulsed light laser treatment for hair removal is considered the most gentle method with the least amount of side effects. Lighter skin clients with darker hair coloration are the best candidates for this treatment. The pulsed light and heat and absorbed by the color pigments in the hair follicles. It destroys the follicles when treated over time. The hair will gradually become less and finer in texture. The treatments are quick and pain-free for most people, which makes it perfect for more sensitive areas of the body. To learn more about this upcoming and popular type of laser hair removal, or see if your local laser team offers it, be sure to look at their website. Locally, NewSkin Laser uses the Palomar IPL system. This system is also the least prone to burning.

The choices in laser hair removal treatment methods have increased to the point that a solution is available for nearly anyone. Finding an expert in laser treatment is the best way to ensure your hair removal procedure is both comfortable and effective.

Image: Laser Hair Removal from Juta/Shutterstock


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