Holiday Gifts For A Healthy Smile

Do you have someone on your holiday gift list who is really into dental care, or perhaps invested in taking proper care of their winning smile, this year? Taking good care of teeth is important for health and wellbeing, plus it can improve confidence and self esteem.

The following are some gift ideas to consider when shopping this year which will put a pearly white grin on their face – in addition to the receiving routine dental check ups, that is! (If you’re without a dentist, it’s important to keep looking for a dental clinic in your area and register.)

Electric Toothbrushes

A manual toothbrush does an adequate job if you use it properly, but an electric toothbrush can improve the quality of one’s oral care technique and the experience of brushing, too. There are a range of prices for electric brushes to suit different budgets. Often the more expensive brushes come with accessories like cases and charging docs that are fancier, but they don’t actually improve one’s brushing experience nor quality of care.

These spinning and vibrating brushes can potentially remove more plaque than manual brushing. They feature a selection of settings to target issues like gum health or sensitive teeth. Timers let you know when to switch to upper or lower teeth to achieve the minimum recommended duration for brushing.

Healthy SmileTeeth Whitening

Many people wish they had whiter teeth, and for coffee, tea, and red wine drinkers teeth whitening is a welcome gift. There are different methods to whiten teeth from cheaper whitening strips that would make a nice stocking stuffer to professional teeth whitening performed by a qualified hygienist or dentist. A dental consultation can help ascertain the cause of tooth discolouration and recommend the best method for whitening.

(Note: regular dental check-ups are necessary for proper oral health, and whiter teeth can also come through proper daily care and regular dental visits.)

Travel Dental Hygiene Kit

Have a world traveller or someone soon to go on their winter vacation on your list? A travel kit that keeps a toothbrush, paste, floss, and mouthwash in one convenient protective, leakproof package is a handy stocking stuffer.

Cosmetic Dentistry

These procedures are ones of aesthetic value but are not required for dental health. Some people feel shy about smiling, and cosmetic dental work can vastly enhance the appearance of one’s smile and teeth to improve confidence dramatically.

Cosmetic procedures include:

  • Orthodontics
  • Porcelain veneers
  • Dental bonding
  • Dental crowns
  • Implants

Some of these procedures may indeed be necessary for proper functioning and not simply for cosmetic appearances.

All-Natural Lip Care

Cold weather lips get dehydrated and dry, encouraging us to pick and peel at the skin, creating small tears and splits. Look for all-natural, chemical-free lip balms, lip tints, or moisturizing lip palates in the hottest shades of the season to keep lips protected, soft, and young-looking. Hydrated lips are a key part of a great smile.

Bamboo Toothbrushes

As we throw our brushes away every three months, that is a lot of plastic going into landfills. Bamboo is a sustainable plant that grows quickly and makes an excellent material for toothbrushes. Look for ones that also have plant-based bristles and recyclable packaging.

Image Credits: Healthy Smile from puhhha/Shutterstock


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