High Time For All to Stall Unparalleled Climate Change

Today’s climate change is similar to when compared to life on earth at the end of Permian age that had almost ceased over 250 million years ago.

In Western Australia, the remains of spinless aquatic species are available to see from the period mentioned. The scientists declared that the ‘Great Dying’ was the result of past Global warming that occurred then. 96% of sea life had decimated. The oxygen content of the oceans had reduced due to high temperature and also, the release of carbon dioxide. The oceans did not get enough oxygen to absorb to maintain its minimum level to support life. It is not so easy to establish how much of the land creatures got reduced, but it is thought to be of almost the same numbers as that of marine life. As per the Cosmic phenomena the life had discontinued for thousands of year, but that period is like a split second when you think of planetary happening. In the journal of ‘Earth Scientist and Science’ in a recent article, Dr Cutris Dyech says that perhaps we are repeating the same procedure in the present age for our planet earth. If that is the case, “Climate change” would undoubtedly result in the destroying global life as in the past or on a more severe scale.

At the end of Permian age the,  the volcanos erupted on a colossal scale in the present day location of Siberia. The carbon dioxide that had generated from the lava and magma that caused much heat on the earth planet. The oceanic temperature got raised by 18 degrees Fahrenheit. Many of the marine species got decimated due to this phenomenon of temperature rise.

The heat produced had reduced the oxygen on a large scale due to the rise in temperature of sea water. The marine life suffered terribly and almost demolished because of the insufficient oxygen in the sea water. The marine life perished as oxygen was not available in sufficient quantity for the marine life that died due to suffocation. Warm water soaks far lesser amount of oxygen when compared to cold water. More oxygen enhances the metabolism of living beings for marine and on the earth’s not submerged portion.

The volcanoes of Siberia emitted more carbon dioxide than we emit by using fossil fuel like petrol and diesel. But our yearly emission of carbon dioxide is more in the last two centuries. Because of this, the mean ocean temperature has risen. The heat generated has been soaked by the oceans and the oxygen content has nosedived. In the last fifty years, oxygen content has reduced by 2 per cent to raise the ocean temperature by 4 degrees Fahrenheit. Many international efforts are required to overcome this deficiency. If we continue to consume the fossil fuel the earth’s temperature will go up by 17 degrees Fahrenheit that will bring untold destruction for aquatic and land life. It is better we switch over to solar power, energy generated by tides and wind power. Earlier done will result in the betterment of life on our planet.

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