Best and Worst Holiday Foods for the Skin

The holidays are a time of year known for socializing and sharing great food and drinks with family and friends. There tends to be a lot of gatherings and events held, which means many opportunities for you to indulge in items that aren’t necessarily great for your skin. Of course, knowledge is your best defense at this time of year, which means it’s important to have an idea of what the best and worst holiday foods are for your skin. At least that will give you a chance to pick the healthier options.

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To help you out, here’s a list of some of the worst and the best holiday foods for your skin.

The Best Foods to Choose

If you’re on the hunt for the foods that will offer benefits to your skin then you’re going to want to keep an eye out for that veggie tray that is packed with incredible choices. Vegetables contain a huge variety of minerals and vitamins, all of which are essential to the health of your skin.

Nuts and seeds can also be great since they are high in omega 3 fatty acids and vitamin E. Just be sure you don’t go overboard and eat too many as they can also be high in calories. Speaking of omega 3 fatty acids, fish is another great option. The omega 3 fatty acids are able to support your skin’s collagen and even tone down redness.

As a quick rundown, look for raspberries, blackberries, cashews, cocoa and dark chocolate, spinach, avocados, and turkey.

The Worst Foods to Choose

Now what about the list of bad foods, which are those that aren’t going to help your skin in any way, shape, or form?Of course, the dessert table is high on the list. While all of those items taste fantastic, they are filled with ingredients that won’t do your skin any good. Cream-based dips are also big no-no’s as they are high in fat. Then you have one of the biggest offenders of all and that’s eggnog. This creamy drink is filled with sugar and fat.

When Healthy Eating Isn’t Enough

Now sometimes, even with your best intentions to stick to the healthy foods during the holidays, you can still be left feeling like you need a little pick-me-up after it’s all said and done. If that’s the case, then you could look into products and procedures that can help withskin rejuvenation. Often, that begins with a good quality skincare system that targets the specific needs of your skin. Look for ingredients like vitamin E and C, collagen, retinol, and proteins to help restore your skin to a healthy youthful glow.

Products such as repair and rejuvenation creams, cleansers, moisturizers, and toners can all do wonders for your skin. A chemical peel is another option and can offer incredible results.  Not to mention these are all great gift ideas to put on your list!

Don’t Let the Holidays Do a Number on Your Skin

By using these tips, you will be able to take control of your skin over the holidays and ensure that you come out looking radiant and healthy.

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