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It is essential that your knees should remain healthy to lead a normal life. Primarily when you have aged usually around 60 years, weak knees affect your health adversely. It is suggested to undertake these exercises for both the legs. Maybe you have knee pain only on one leg. Both the knees performance will allow for the same strengthening of both the knees and will help to support the paining knee even better.

Possible causes of knee pain:- 1. Overuse of knee 2. Inflammation  3. Degradation of joints. 4. Arthritis 5.  Dislocation of joints. 6. Bad Posture 7. Wrong exercises 8. Torn Ligament.  9. Improper stretching 8. Not warming up or cooling down 9. Deficiency of Vitamin D or Calcium

Material for the exercise: Take a large towel and roll it like a log by making three folds of the towel and by making the rolled towel should get stiffer.

If you experience any pain, kindly stop doing these knee strengthening exercises and immediately get in touch with your doctor, physical therapist, or trainer to make sure you are performing these exercises correctly. Start slowly and in due course; your knees will get stronger.

Hereunder are given five exercises, these will strengthen your knees and diminish the pain over the time with regular workouts. It is recommended to strengthen the muscles that support your knee and keep them flexible. Start slowly, and build up over time

Warm Up First:

You should continue to make your knee muscles strong so that the knee becomes flexible. It is good to warm up by using a stationary bike or circularly move your feet for about 5 minutes, you may also take a short but quick walk, pump your arms, 15-20 wall push-ups and calf raise for about two minutes will help

You are at liberty to do these exercises in any order after you have warmed up first.

  1. Knee press: Lie on your back, or sit straight, keep the rolled towel log below your knee, in the gap when you put your knee straight on the floor and press the knee on the towel log – hold on for ten counts and then release the pressure on the knee, relax for a while, say for two seconds. Continue for ten repetitions. The four front muscles above the knees are quadriceps or quads.   It would be right to know that the hamstrings are three muscles at the back of the thigh. These two muscle groups work in opposition to each other, though they tend to have a dysfunctional relationship. This exercise is called quads stretches or by a different name, but in layman terms, it is called knee presses. You tighten the quads by lifting a bit the heel above the floor. You may do this exercise while sitting if you feel comfortable. Keeping the other leg straight, raise it to the height of the opposite knee. Repeat 10-15 times of three sets
  2.  Hamstring Curls:  Stand behind a chair holding it, lift one of the heels backwards and swing to the left and right/. This will strengthen yore calf muscles. Adding weight will strengthen your knee. In due course, this exercise will aid in making the muscle strong.
  3. Knee squeezer: Sit straight with legs stretched out. Put the rolled towel-log between the knees and squeeze the knees so that towel gets all the pressure, hold for ten seconds. Relax and press the knees and repeat for ten times. You will feel the pressure on your quads and hamstrings. The knee pain problem is because your quads and hamstrings do not adequately get connected and You feel the pain.
  4. Ankle press: Put the rolled towel-log below your ankle and the heel so that your calf is above and clear of the floor. You may fold your second knee or keep it straight, keep it the way you feel comfortable. Press your ankle on the towel – keep holding for the count of 10 and the release and relax. Your back will be gently elevated. Let this continue for ten repetitions.
  5. Knee Extention Stretch:  Sit up and extend one leg, use the same towel by opening to make a grip around your foot, pull both the ends of towel towards yourself. And stretch. Hold on to the same position for a count up to ten and make ten repetitions.
  6. Legs extended lifts: Sit on a chair, slowly lift your one leg straight just for a few seconds and bring it back in slow motion. Start with five repetitions & increase up to 10. You may go up to 30 repetitions.

See the bi-lingual English & Hindi to cure your knee pain.



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