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For a lot of people out there that don’t have enough information to allow themselves to make the right choices regarding the food that they consume every day, the definition of healthy eating is a salad. Vegetables are widely considered to be the healthiest options that you can look into, far better than meat and other varieties that will slowly degrade your health and give you chronic problems that you might just end up having to live with for the rest of your life.

That being said, just because vegetables in general are quite healthy does not mean that any vegetable you will consume will help you improve your overall way of life in the best way possible. Indeed, some vegetables are a lot healthier than other options, and many vegetables are actually not that good for you at all since they don’t contain any of the nutrients that you are going to need in order to help your body perform its various tasks to the best of its ability without putting excess strain on it that is going to give you health issues later on in your life as you approach old age.


One really important example of a vegetable that everyone needs to stop praising is lettuce. This is one of the biggest reasons why salads are not as healthy as you might think too. Lettuce is not unhealthy at all, but the fact of the matter is that it isn’t healthy either. In fact, lettuce barely contains any nutrients, and even though it contains a very low calories count as well the fact that it doesn’t do your body any good is an important thing to keep in mind because of the fact that a lot of people convince themselves that they are on the path to a much healthier lifestyle if they end up eating lettuce on a regular basis.

Suffice it to say that lettuce won’t do much to help you out, so you should try replacing it with other greens that are actually going to be of use to you. Rocket leaves are an excellent alternative. They are chock full of vitamins and minerals and also taste absolutely delicious, allowing you to enjoy salads that are extremely healthy without adding any excess calories to them that are going to end up making you put on an unhealthy amount of weight.

People also approach salads the wrong way in general. A healthy salad with rocket leaves, chard, tomatoes and other excellent vegetables can do you a lot of good, but people often tend to smother these salads in salad dressing which is often full of fat, sugar and other unhealthy things. It makes the salad taste better but completely defeats the purpose of you eating this salad in the first place. Eat a fresh salad with perhaps a bit of olive oil added to the mix and you are going to do just fine in the long run.

If you want an example of how vegetables aren’t always the healthiest things to eat and that you should make better choices about the vegetables that you consume on a day to day basis, you needn’t look further than the humble potato. Potatoes have allowed entire civilizations to remain well fed, but that was before the abundance of nutritious food that we have now. Potatoes are vegetables, this much is true, but they don’t contain any good nutrients and can actually end up making you gain a fair amount of weight as well since they are high in calories and carbs. Yams and other starchy root vegetables are also not that good for you. Adding them to your meals can make them tastier and more filling, but you will need to eat other vegetables as well to truly be healthy.

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