Speed Up Your Healing With Ointments, Creams And Gels


Some Basics Benefits Of Using Ointments, Creams or Gels


Before the discovery of contemporary medicine, various creams and gels were used to treat skin conditions. However, with advancement in technology, you would expect the use of ointments to reduce, but that is far from reality.

Individuals with healthy skin usually apply creams and gels, with the primary reason being that various pharmaceutical firms incorporate medicinal properties in lotions as well as emollients. The main aim is to make them more appealing.

Ointments creams and gels have numerous benefits; some are mentioned below:

1. A cure for cuts, and burns

Everyone likes to recuperate fast from any cuts and wounds. Gels aid in curing insignificant cuts and burns by hastening the process of healing. For people who have an allergy to neomycin, using a topical antibiotic which doesn’t contain the ingredient is the sole option.

2. Prevention of acne or pimples

Body or facial acne can be very frustrating. They can appear in weird spots and become confusing to treat. Ointments come in handy in such situations. The use of ointments, creams and gels helps in maintaining healthy hydrated skin, hindering the generation of oily facial skin. Also, gels and ointments have high viscosity hence excellent moisturizers.

They also accelerate the healing of acne conditions. Various gels can keep the skin soft, supple and clear of imperfections.

3. Fear of injections

Needle phobia is prevalent among many individuals especially kids. Treating an individual who suffers from needle phobia may cause grave injuries such as breakage of the needle during injection. The constant movement may cause this injection to break. However, ointment creams and gels are excellent options for people who are afraid of intramuscular injections.

4. Boost immune system

Use of some gels, for instance, the aloe vera gel helps improve immunity; as a result, the body can fight allergies as well as infections. By applying the gel externally, one can get rid of skin infections like hives and eczema.

5. Better hair growth

By use of some gels, the growth of hair is improved. Gels also assist in getting rid of dandruff as well as preserving a clean skin due to moisturizing effects.

6. Reduced itching and skin irritations

Gels and creams are favorite for reducing itching and skin irritations. The soothing effect of gels can prevent any skin irritations and swellings. Some gels, for instance, the aloe vera gel assist in the prevention of such  conditions.

7. Concentration on the affected part

When oral pills are used to eradicate pain, the drug is transported through the bloodstream which impacts the entire body. However topical pain relievers enable users to introduce the medicine directly to the affected part. Thereby concentrating on the part where it’s required most.

Ointments also allow enhanced penetration of the active ingredients to the affected area, whether in the form of antibiotics, steroids or antifungal.

8. Application

Ointments, creams, and gels are easy to use at home in case of injuries. For example, muscle bruises or stiff joints don’t necessarily require a professional to administer them. Another advantage of applying gels and ointments is that they are ideal options when applying areas that rub easily.

9. Acts as barriers

The skin is generally exposed to contaminants, for instance, cosmetic pollutants which can be harmful to the body. These contaminants all lead to irritation. However, various creams and gels are made of ingredients that function by forming a protective barrier over the skin. This aids in locking in moisture and keeping irritants out.

Creams are mostly a guard against such irritants, and they also function as shields against changing weather conditions which lead to dry skin. Some creams are also composed of antibacterial features which help in shielding the skin.

Image Credits: Ointments from Dmytro Zinkevych/Shutterstock


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