Are you under stress and how to positively go about it ?

The stress has many reasons and warning signs of its existence. It is the result of uncontrollable circumstances and how one understands the happenings around. It is totally in your hands not to get stressed; others cannot be held responsible for your tension. Therefore, stress cannot build up if you understand well the causes. i.e., The pressure need not build up.

If you keep calm, no one can make you disturbed as you remain in charge of your thoughts. Life’s aim is to live happily and stay in high spirits without stress or anxiety. It is essential to get enough sleep and be well rested to neutralize the stress in the previous day or earlier.

It will be proper to get directions from experts like psychologists or mental health physicians, trained to keep stress free individuals. Better to remain as a teetotaler so that you face reality all the time, as alcoholism introduces mind diversion from reality.

One should learn to remain occupied in some job, hobbies and organisations to while away the time. It is good to get together with like-minded people. Also, the get together for entertainment to combat the stress. The busy schedule takes you off the time from the humdrum of the day to happenings. It is of utmost importance to learn and deny any request that would create much stress in your life. and will save you plenty of trouble if you keep a time table to manage your time well.

Doing the physical exercise like yoga, swimming or any indoor or outdoor games and celebrating to keep your limbs and body in good shape, Meditation keeps your mind relaxed. No one can control all life events, so it is better to remain calm. You should remain firm and assertive in expressing your beliefs, views on any subject and it is not at all necessary to get angry, passive or defensive.    

However when under stress the following signs emerge singly or jointly.

Emotional signs

  1. Getting irritated now and then.
  2.  Alteration in mood continuously like a pendulum. 
  3.  Become very sensitive
  4.  Protecting oneself at all times
  5.  No self-control over the expression 
  6.  Feeling a lack of motivation
  7.  Always in a frustrated mood
  8.  Lack of self-confidence.
  9. Crying often without any reason,

Mental Signs:

  1. Unable to concentrate on taking the day to day decisions.
  2. You may be unable to remember events that happened a while earlier.
  3. Sitting still in a position may be the other reason, and hampers your ability to think clearly. It could also be due to careless silly mistakes that you may make.
  4. Lack of focusing or unable to make hard decisions. The mental energy in you is less to make or do a job.

Physical Signs: 

  1. Head Injury: It May be due to a severe head injury causing a lot of confusion, a headache, dizziness or a headache.
  2. Too much Alcohol: Drunkenness has much after effects, varying conditions like unable to speak clearly, stuttering, inability to connect with conditions around, numbness, falling off and unable to keep balance.
  3. Lack of Sleep: With no proper restful sleep, can give side effect of non-functioning of your faculties
  4. Depression: In any stage of life in adulthood or childhood can result in helplessness, anxiety, family life, and school work suffer badly.
  5. Sleep Apnea: When this occurs a person is unable to breathe correctly, and the sleep is interrupted.
  6. Forgetfulness: Once above the age of 60 years forgetfulness is natural and don’t be alarmed.
  7. Medication can cause side effects that border on to stress and reduce one ‘s ability to connect with the present, stomach disorder or vomiting,
  8. Short memory lapses may occur with a memory going off and later on returning, Alzheimer disease with behaviour problems.
  9. Multiple sclerosis can border on to a brain disorder, unable to keep  balance and sleep problem,
  10. Poisoning due to carbon monoxide. Such poisoning have serious implication like vomiting, dizziness, unconsciousness
  11. Gnashing teeth, muscular pain, and non-stop headache
  12. Recurrence of cough and cold.
  13. Remain allergic to air, eatables or clothes or any other useable stuff. 
  14. For a long time having stomach problems, acidity or ulcer
  15. Feeling nervous
  16. Dizziness 
  17. Feeling tired
  18. High BP.
  19. Working till late hours
  20. Taking leave pretty often
  21. Keeping aloof from society.
  22.  Repeated break down of the relationships.
  23. Remaining careless.
  24. Becoming scared and trembling
  25.  Not getting along for Social Interaction. 

Tips to control anger and stress

  1. Never think or declare a situation as very horrible 0r beyond hope, auto-suggest that it is annoying
  2. Avoid upsetting extremes like, “I can’t take it.” Instead, try the more realistic, “I don’t like it.”
  3. Stay away from thinking someone “should” or “ought to” act differently. “I wish the other person would act differently” is a better choice.
  4. Try not to use exaggerations like “always” or “never” to describe how often something upsetting happens. And always judge the behaviour — not the person.: like that person is mad.
  5. Start to breathe gently and at the same time relax your muscles – these actions will undoubtedly calm your rage. The reaction of fight or flight will not raise your anger.
  6. Visualise a beach or scenery or the ocean tide gets noticed, the rise and fall of the waves is similar to anger and draw yourself towards a relaxed mood.
  7. Calm your self by playing through a smartphone or computer music either vocal or instrumental or any that keeps your mind engaged.
  8. It is wise to plan your reaction to whatever makes you mad. The early action will certainly make you understand and prevent your explosion.
  9. It is appropriate to learn ways to quell your anger although you may not be able to control it always. The wise thing is to realise that new skills are necessary to acquire to control your anger and not feeling anger is not the goal.


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