You Are Responsible For Your Happiness & Deserve It

  • I asked a friend of mine, who has crossed 50 and is going towards 60. What kind of change is the feeling in his life?
  • He sent me the following fascinating lines, which I would like to share with all of you.
  • After loving my parents, my siblings, my wife, my children, my friends, I am now in love with myself.
  • I just realised that I am not an “Atlas”. The world does not rest on my shoulders. *
  • I have now stopped bargaining with vendors of vegetables and fruits. After all, giving a few rupees more will not make any hole in my pocket, but it can help this poor to save his daughter’s school fees, or something else.
  • I pay the taxi driver without waiting for the leftover change. The extra money can bring a smile to his face. After all, he is working very hard to live like me.
  • I stopped telling the elders that they had already mentioned that story many times. After all, that story brings back memories of their past and increases the ambition of living life.
  • Even if a person is wrong, I have stopped correcting them. After all, it is not for me to make everyone perfect. Peace is more valuable than such perfection.
  • I now praise everyone very generously. It not only makes the compliment recipient’s mood blush, but it also energises my mood !!
  • Now I have stopped thinking about creases or spots on my shirt and getting upset. I now believe that personality looks more than looks.
  • I stay away from those who do not value me. After all, these people may not know my price, but I know that well.
  • I keep calm when someone does dirty politics to get me out of the “rat race”. After all, I am not a mouse, nor am I involved in any race.
  • I am learning not to be ashamed of my feelings. After all, it is my feelings that make me human.
  • I have learned that it is better to let go of the ego than to break up a relationship. Ultimately, my ego will keep me apart while I will never be alone with links.
  • I have practised living each day as if it was the last,
    but the most important day


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