How to Lead a life ever full of Joy and in Harmony

Keep in mind, one day without joy means, one has lost a day of life, but if one has enjoyed a day in exaltation, one has added a day to one’s life. Breathing is not just life. Keeping or siding with the Truth is real life.
All persons in some form or other in the world get maligned during their lifetime. More or less injustice happens to all for a different period. What is essential as to how one took a stand to be on the side of Truth.

Always remember the fact that life does not mean one to suffer from birth to death except when following or supporting the Truth. Following the TRUTH implies that it is real-life. Supporting lie means one is dead in the real sense. Remaining on the right course is leading to an uprighteous life. One will get a lot of merit and happiness if one follows and supports Truth.

If one is a sportsman type and remains happy, one will get healthy very soon in case of falling sick and will not usually get ill if one is cheerful. Exercise and physical activities must be continued as long as possible to remain fit in life. In old age, try not to be a burden in any form on others. Do your chores as much as possible. The most important thing is, if truth and noble thinking prevail in mind, it makes one, hopeful, sublime, and elevated in spirit and physically well.

One should realise not to ever save money by starving? Always spend as per the requirement and of course with in the amount available. When spending money, things which give joy should get preference over all other. One should work with all diligence and ensure equal distribution of benefit to all.

Shower love on children if you have. Bring them up with noble ideals and concepts to practice. Present them gifts some times, but first, do spend money on one’s essentials and for one’s noble desires. Do not worry much for children. Let the children find their path and shape their future. Don’t be a slave to their wishes, aspirations and dreams.

If one has completed four decades of life, after that, it is unfair to earn money at the cost of health. Beyond that age, one should spend funds by getting proper guidance from the seniors, or medical or insurance experts. Two questions are necessary to ponder: 1. At what age should one stop earning money? Forty is the right age to work in taking a decision. 2. How much money is essential, for the remainder of life so that one should live comfortably after retirement and in old age? One needs just one room to sleep at night. It is of utmost importance to work to plan on one’s old age.

Reaffirming one’s belief in Almighty God daily at a regular time should be a practice; it makes one fearless and just. One should work to ensure that the world gets benefitted by the work done. Distribute at least ten per cent of earnings in social (philanthropic) work – so that the welfare of others, generous and benevolent effect reach the needy. The aspiration to benefit someone other than oneself is the essence of one’s participation.
Study literature of peace-giving writings and also go through books that bring one closer to the oneness of God. Contemplate of generating noble desires and achieving them. Sing or listen to songs that elate one’s head and heart.

When one’s life ends, nothing in this world will go along except the noble deeds done for helping the needy. After one departs, it is natural for others to talk about that person. It is best to forget what will happen after the body merges into five elements. People may praise or find faults, will not make any difference to the departed.

Never forget friends. Always maintain good relations with them. If one succeeds in this, one will experience as being young at heart and loved by all. If there is no friend, one will remain alone, and this loneliness will be very heavy on the mind. So, keep in touch with friends daily through available communication channels, say like emails, tweets, phone or Facebook or other available means. Keep friendships alive through the meetings, often through get-togethers & celebrations.

There will be enemies and distractors, but being docile and forgiving will win over the world for the larger good of humanity. Love is pure delight, therefore practice it in all possible ways, but anger and hatred are deadly, bury them in the ground forever. Crises are transient, face them squarely. Those who drive joy untiringly reach all that is good.


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