Fascinating Effects of Covid 19 in the World Languages

Some of the new Proverbs that are likely to be included in the English language in the post-Covid 19 world.

Here we have considered English first. Readers are welcome to share this in other languages and intimate us.

  1. Divided we live, United, we die!
  2. A sneeze, in time, infects nine!
  3. All that sniffles has caught a cold!
  4. Homestay is the best policy!
  5. One man’s mask is another man’s poison!
  6. An unmasked guy is the Covid’s workshop!
  7. As you spray, so shall you reap.
  8. Better to be poor and healthy than being rich and sick!
  9. Curiosity killed the doc!
  10. Don’t count your chickens before next March!
  11. Every cough has its spray!
  12. Rome wasn’t infected in a day!
  13. When the cough is away, you can come out and play!


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