Do You See How laughter As Exercise Benefits All?

A human being should always remain happy and use laughter as an exercise. It is possible when one enhances thinking so much that laughter results in benefits. The youngsters can maintain a good physique and stay agile to have a healthy body using laughter. Such physical condition gets maintained by laughing a lot. Scientific findings confirm that children who laugh much are more intelligent than the rest.

Laughing a lot is necessary to have a healthy, well balanced and pleasing personality. Laughing loudly or heartily is the best indicator of health; it keeps the digestive system function good, with no constipation. Gaffawing is an exercise that keeps the muscles of the mouth, neck, chest and abdomen in perfect shape and active, making them fit, well-developed and healthy.

Because of laughter, the nerves leading to the brain, the mouth and stomach muscles never get sick. Laughing causes more oxygen circulation (in-out), and carbon dioxide and foul air get expelled. That is why one should laugh as much as possible most of the time in life.

Smile while eating; you will feel that the food tastes delicious. A scientist named Baker has said, “Happiness is such a dress that is wearable in every season and each community. There is only one thermometer to measure the satisfaction of the human soul, the health of body and stability of intellect, that is bliss on the face. Shakespeare wrote, “the happy man lives more”. With the sad and severe face, others feel disappointed as if someone has brought the news of death.

Lord Krishna in the Gita, said, all sorrows vanish by remaining happy, and the mind becomes stable immediately.

To be happy, a person does not have to suffer, and laughter does not cost even a penny. Laughing makes the heart light and reduces stress. In today’s stressful life, laughing is the elixir of health. All that is needed is to learn to laugh with someone instead of laughing at that person. If every man understands this secret of laughing, then he will never have to go to the doctor or Vaid.

Doctor French advises parents to educate children to remain happy and make efforts to make children laugh. Some parents sometimes encourage children not to laugh loudly. By doing so, they destroy the enthusiasm of children.

In Japan, people educate children to keep laughing. They believe in the principle that the world has both happiness and sorrow. A person who suppresses joy & grief and remains cheerful will always hold the mind under control.


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