You See How Sikhism Reaches Out To Most With No Hope.

Sikhism teaches that everyone is equal, and people living in truely needy conditions should be helped.

The basic of the Sikhism: Work honestly physically (kirat karo) using one’s body. Do Physical service

2. Remember Almighty God (Nam Japo) using your full attention that of Mind or Man

3. Share the food and one’s earning (vand chako) to benefit the poor. Work or Distribute the resources to the needy. Giving to the needy to benefit of the poor community.

Sikhism reiterates compliance between pure development and everyday moral management. It’s architect, the first guru; Guru Nanak, summed up this perspective as given above. All religions try to give guidance on issues of inequality in society.

Sikhism reaches out to others because:-

1. A Religion, which grew from Death and Destruction,

2. A Religion, whose Master gave such a physical identity that they could not merge and thus left no option but to fight in the face of adversity. ( sava lakh se ek ladaoon )

3. A Religion, whose followers during the Mughal period had a price for each killed, today is 5th Largest Religion in the world.

4. A Religion, whose First Master Guru Nanak at a time when Earth was believed to be riding on a Bull, declared the presence of Countless Stars and Sky’s ( Lakh patala pataal, Lakha Aakashaan Aakaash )

5. A Religion, whose First Master highlighted the importance and equated, Air and Water, to one’s teacher and the Father and asked it to be treated so for the future of generations.

6. A Religion, whose followers are said to keep learning repeatedly with humility. The Sikh follower can be described as a seeker or learn as a desiple

7. A Religion that recognises the humanity as one and in every prayer request the Almighty God whole world’s wellness ( sarbat da bhala )

8. A Religion, that believes in One God across all Religions. and the Universe.

9. A Religion, which equates Death just as it welcomes Birth.

10. A Religion, which has shown the strength of Mind over Matter.

11. A Religion, which secures shoes safely and freely, of all visitors to Gurudwara, irrespective of one’s social standing, this service inculcates humility in the volunteers

12. A Religion, which dons arms to annihilate the oppressor and Protect and Defend but never to conquer.

13. A Religion that provided equal rights to women since Guru Nanak’s advent, before any Government in the world, came forward.

14. A Religion, whose tenth Guru sacrificed his whole family to defend the rights of other religions & the oppressed. The tenth Master is addresed with the title, Sarbans Daani ( Sacrificer of the whole

family, including himself ) for the sake of the beliefs.

15. A Religion, whose volunteers gave water and medicine to all those injured in any battle even if they belonged to the enemy. That is the first demonstrated Red Cross since the 18th century.

16. A Religion, in which in the Punjab region, the first male child of the family got converted to be a Khalsa or Sikh to fight the oppression

17. A Religion, whose followers proportionately sacrificed more than any other community for the freedom struggle of India from the British rule and during the Mughal period.

18. A Religion, whose Gurudwaras have Four entrances, opened in salient directions symbolising to all humans to come in.–

19. A Religion, whose Holy book( Guru Granth Sahib ) is a compilation of verses by Enlightened Men from all Walks and All Religions when it was founded. (Kabir: a weaver, Ravidas a cobbler, Namdev: a tailor, Tarlochan: a barber, Sadhna: a butcher. Dhanna – A Jat, Soordas: A blind saint, Baba Farid – A Muslim mystic,Pipa, a Rajput prince

20. A Religion, which has the highest ratio in armed forces in respect of the total population of India.
21. A Religion, that distributes free millions of Free fresh Hot Meals daily, around the Globe, who are seated together, irrespective of any Caste- Creed, Religion or Economic Status. It got demonstrated during Covid 19.
22. A Religion, in prayer request for low Mind and Ego to remain low but with loftier intelligence.
23. A Religion, with these thoughts, make Sikhs Proud, Humble and Never as an arrogant community.
**Thank you, O God and Sikhs’ Ten Masters who made Sikhs what they are today.


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