How can you say that your brain affects your eating habits in a good manner

Losing weight is one of the toughest jobs for people’s lives these days. The imposition of a strict lockdown brought all the activities to a stand still and hence every person had to stay in his home. People not allowed to visit parks or gyms for exercising. 

A balance of mind and food for a healthy life

Further work from home increases the sitting hours of the people. This contributed to a great extent in order to enhance the obesity of the people. This article will make an attempt in order to discuss How a combination of exercise and dieting is essential for losing weight in a systematic manner.

1. Existing Preconceptions

People usually feel that we can eat whatever they want to. Undertaking a morning walk of 1 hour for exercising daily or performing exercises like aerobics, tabata and HIIT will help them in order to lose the extra calories that they are eating. How about this is a preconceived notion which is completely false. 

Therefore in such a situation it is essential to mention that these existing preconceptions are completely wrong because you cannot simply eat the whole day and expect to lose weight by just doing exercise. In such a situation, it becomes vital to provide for the fact we need to have a proper amount of balance between these two segments so that best possible results would be maintained. Simply exercising without controlling diet would not be of much help in the long run. 

2. Best way to lose weight

In order to lose weight in the minimum possible time it is essential to provide for the fact that a proper balance is maintained between exercise and diet. Simply putting efforts on one element by ignoring the other element will not give proper results. In such a  situation it becomes important to draw a proper amount of balance between the different segments. Some of these ways have been described as follows 

3. Exercise daily and control diet

It is important to mention that making a proper balance between exercise and diet is essential for timely results. You cannot simply eat and expect yourself to lose weight. You have to keep it regulated. It is also because when you start losing weight with the help of daily exercise you are always fearful of gaining weight by galloping more food. So even before your dietician, your brain stops you from consuming more calories and orders you to eat less. In such a situation the possibility of weight gain decreases and the chances for developing a slim body increases. This is vital in the long run. It happens because of the reasons like. 

4. Scared to gain weight after sweating

By exercising you put a large amount of effort in order to lose weight. Even if you do a simple morning walk or a simple jumping rope exercise you always sweat. In such a situation by eating some calories right after your workout you not only try to waste all your sweating but also discourage all your effort of weight loss. You practice so hard for long periods of time to lose weight and you cannot simply  gain weight by munching food every time. It is a Simple waste of effort.

5. Increase in appetite doesn’t indicate the need to eat more calories 


Whenever you exercise your appetite always increases. Many people feel that since they are hungry they must always eat good food in order to keep them self satisfied. However it is another misconceived notion which exists among the people. Because this increasing appetite does not mean that your body is calling for more food rich in calories. Instead it is simply a need of the body which has to be fulfilled using nutritional food like proteins and fibre. If you consume fried foods and healthy foods which are rich in fat then your weight loss efforts will be reduced to zero. Consumption of protein rich sources after workout increases the weight loss process by two times.

6. Control your cravings

Once you exercise daily you always get to feel that since you are using some weight everyday nothing will go wrong if you consume some extra calories on that day. In such a situation you have to control your cravings for eating delicious food because this is not how weight loss mechanism works. You simply Google before eating calories and the calorie estimation of Google is 90% False. Therefore all your mathematical equations in order to lose weight fail then and there and hence, at the same time, you start gaining weight instead of losing. It can also be a possibility that you don’t lose weight at all. It happens when the consumption and the loss of calories is equal. 

7. You can’t imagine to workout again

These preconceived notions which exist in the mindset of every person who is undertaking a weight loss are false.  Therefore a person cannot rely on these notions. It is pertinent to mention that working out is a tough process and you cannot simply lose and waste all your efforts by putting emphasis on these notions. 

It is because of the simple reason that you cannot afford to start every workout fresh. You cannot simply lose and gain weight over a period of time. You have to stick to your efforts and instead of beginning this again and again, you can simply continue the one time started process. 

8. Your brain is the best mentor

Your mental ability has been in the position to act like a mental for you. In such a situation you become capable of controlling your senses to the maximum possible extent. Every time you think of cheating on me or you consider these misconceived motions to be true your brain scolds  you and reminds you of all the effort that you have been putting  in order to lose weight. This acts as a best lesson and you are able to become the best version of yourself by following this advice.


In such a situation it is essential to mention that these changes are effective in order to enhance The lifestyle of a person. At the same point of time they ensure that losing weight becomes an easy exercise for the people which is able to show results in the minimum possible time.


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