Lemon Juice For Amazing Benefits And Keeping Diseases At Bay


Online sources claim lemon juice to improve digestion, promote weight loss, boost body immunity and detox the body. In this article, we will explore what research has to say about lemon juice for amazing benefits.

Tiny yellow lemon fruit with sour juice contains about 5 to 6% of citric acid and is a good source of vitamin C. 1 medium size lemon provides you with 31 mg of vitamin c.

The daily-recommended dose of Vitamin C in female is 75 mg and main is 92 mg. In addition, like other citrus fruits, it is rich in flavonoids. Lemon water also contains a minimal amount of carbohydrate, protein and trace amounts of minerals and vitamins such as folate, calcium, vitamin B and potassium.

A dash of lemon juice enhances the flavour of your favourite cuisine. Lemon water is a popular morning beverage that refreshes you. Nevertheless, due to the high level of flavonoids and Vitamin C, it also has incredible health benefits. So let us discuss why to drink Lemon Juice for amazing benefits.

13 Incredible Benefits Of Lemon Juice

With so many health benefits, its worth squeezing lemon juice into your food or add to your daily diet routine a glass of lemon juice for amazing benefits.

1. Boost cardiac health


Foods rich in vitamin C reduce inflammation, lower blood cholesterol and blood pressure, and prevent atherosclerosis. Being rich in vitamin C, lemon juice prevent heart diseases such as stroke and Heart attack.

2. Treat kidney stones


Citrate present in lemons breaks down big kidney stones and allows them to pass through urine. In addition, citrate binds to the calcium and prevent the formation of kidney stones. It is suggested to drink at least 4 ounces of lemon juice into 2litres of water daily.

3. Relief sore throat


To a glass of warm water, add teaspoon honey and a teaspoon lemon juice. Drink this mixture to soothe a sore throat. Also, it relieves pain and breaks down the mucus.

4. Helps in cancer treatment


Studies have found that drinking lemon juice or consuming citrus fruits lowers the risk of pancreatic cancer. The anti-cancer properties of lemon are due to the presence of flavonoids. In addition, studies on animals have found that lemon oil has anti-cancer properties due to the presence of the compound  D-limonene.

5. Fights acne


Citric acid in lemon reduces the level of sebum on the skin surface due to its drying effect on the skin. It creates an acidic environment that makes it difficult for the bacteria to thrive. Also, citric acid has antiseptic properties and eliminates pimple-causing bacteria.

Vitamin C is anti-inflammatory and treats skin conditions such as acne vulgaris. Applying lemon juice directly on the skin is not recommended as it may cause itching, burning and redness. Before applying lemon juice to your skin, do a patch test. Mix lemon juice with equal amounts of honey or rose water, and apply it to your skin regularly to get acne-free skin.

6. Controls weight


A standard theory is that food sources rich is soluble pectin fibre makes you feel full for longer. Lemon as a whole is a rich source of pectin, but most people do not eat lemon as a whole. However, Lemon water is low in calories promote fullness the same way regular water does and thus is an effective way to reduce calorie intake.

7. Aids digestion


Many people who drink lemon water in the morning empty stomach reports to find relief in constipation. According to Ayurveda, lemon juice speeds the digestion of food, prevents the build-up of toxins, and helps your digestive system move.

8. Lemon water for Acid Reflux


Lemon juice is little acidic. When a small amount of lemon juice is added to water, it has an alkalizing effect when it gets digested and neutralizes the acid in the stomach. Add a tablespoon of fresh lemon juice to 8 ounces of water and drink it 20 minutes before having meals to prevent the symptoms of Acid Reflux. 

 9. Keeps blood sugar under check


The pulp and the peel of lemon contain pectin that reduces digestive enzymes and eliminates body waste. Try to drink Lemon water along with the lemon pulp. Make sure to remove the seeds.

10. Boosts body immune system


Lemon is an excellent source of Vitamin C and flavonoids. It has antiviral and antibacterial properties that boost the body’s ability to ward off diseases and strengthens the immune system.

11. Prevents scurvy


Eating foods rich in vitamin C not only prevents but also treats scurvy. For example, include citrus fruit such as lemon, oranges, and other sources of vitamin C such as broccoli, amla, chili pepper, parsley etc. to your everyday diet.

12. Lemon juice for dandruff


Lemon juice balances the pH of the scalp. It creates an environment not suitable for the bacteria and fungi to grow. In addition, lemon juice eliminates the excess oil that causes a buildup of scalp flakes. Mix lemon juice and curd, and apply it all over your scalp. Leave it for 20 minutes and then shampoo as usual. Repeat this 2-3 times a week to get rid of dandruff.

13. Help with nausea


The citric acid present in lemon aids digestion and soothe the stomach.  It helps with nausea caused due to constipation and indigestion. It is also helpful to ease morning sickness in Pregnant females.


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