Are There Natural Mosquito Repellents That Works

Monsoons is the ideal time for the mosquitoes to breed. Not only do mosquitoes annoy you with the sound of their flapping wings near your ears while you are sleeping, but also they are dangerous.

Mosquito bites can spread malaria, dengue, yellow fever, elephantiasis, encephalitis, chikungunya, and the Zika virus. 

In recent times many cases of Dengue have been confirmed from across India. Therefore, we have a significant reason to protect ourselves and our family members from a Mosquito bite.

Mosquito bites not only give you itchy and bumpy skin but may also infect you with mosquito-borne diseases. Lots of commercial insects and mosquito repellent are sold in the market.

However, there are concerns about the potential adverse Health effects, especially those containing and diethyl -3-methyl benzamide. To be on the safe side, use natural mosquito repellent that is comparatively safer for you and are environment-friendly.

Natural Mosquito Repellents 

1. Lemongrass – Lemongrass has a pleasant smell that repels mosquitoes. Break off the stalk of lemongrass and peel off its leaves. Rub lemongrass on your skin to repel mosquitoes.

Alternatively, take a spray bottle and fill it with 4 ounces of witch hazel. To it, add a teaspoon of lemongrass essential oil and a teaspoon of eucalyptus oil. Shake well and spray the solution to the exposed skin every hour.

2. Neem oil – A study published in 2015 showed Neem oil effectively provides about 70% of protection against mosquitoes for about three hours.

As Neem oil is a potent oil, you need to dilute it with any carrier oil such as Coconut oil or almond oil in 1:4 before applying it to your skin. 

3. Garlic – Allicin is a natural compound that has repelling action against mosquitoes. In addition, the aroma of garlic keeps mosquitoes at bay.

To enhance the mosquito repelling properties of Garlic, we suggest you add Lemon Juice. Take a garlic clove, mince it, add a tablespoon of mineral oil to it, and soak it overnight.

In the morning, add a teaspoon of lemon juice to the solution. Spray this solution on the exposed body parts and on the plants around your home. The smell of garlic may be an issue, but it’s worth using.

4. Cinnamon oil – It is one of the widely used natural homemade mosquito repellent. It is extracted from cinnamon bark and contains components that have mosquito repellent property, and is effective against Aedes aegypti mosquitoes. To about 40 ml water mixed in crops of cinnamon oil and applt the solution to exposed areas.

5. Citronella oil – Citronella oil is extracted from the leaves of lemongrass plant. Compounds present in Citronella oil are as effective and chemical-based DEET. To increase the efficiency of citronella oil, Alcohol is added. The smell of the alcohol it is due to the presence of thiamine that repels mosquitoes. 

6. Apple cider vinegar – Apple cider vinegar creates a slightly acidic pH on the skin surface that lures the mosquitoes away. To 50 ml of water, add 50 ml of apple cider vinegar and about 10 to 12 drops of any Essential oil such as eucalyptus oil, citronella oil, or clove oil.

Mix the ingredients well and store the solution in a spray bottle. Before going up spray, the solution on exposed body parts to repel mosquitoes.

Use natural mosquito repellents to prevent Mosquito bites. However, the best will be to take measures against mosquito infestation by following the preventive measures discussed below:

What Are The Preventive Measures To Get Rid Of Mosquitoes?

  • To check the population of mosquitoes, remove standing water in and around your home because mosquitoes lay eggs in stagnant water. 
  • Clean the coolers and remove the water if they are not running
  • Use air conditioners when indoors.
  • Keep your surroundings clean.
  • Bring natural mosquito feeding predators such as turtles, fishes, and birds in your home to reduce the population of mosquitoes.
  • Wear light-coloured outfits as dark outfits attract mosquitoes more
  • Shield the windows and check for holes. Especially keep the windows closed during dusk and dawn.
  • Always wear full sleeves shirts and full pants tucked in in socks to prevent mosquito bites.
  • Avoid unnecessary going out during the peak mosquito at dusk and dawn and a few hours into the night to reduce the risk of mosquito bites.

The mosquito repellents sold in the market that contains about 50% DEET are effective for 12 to 24 hours, and those with less than 30% DEET provide short-term protection for an hour or two.

In addition, there are many other mosquito repellent products available in the market, such as mosquito coils.

Still, they pollute the environment, have adverse effects on our respiratory system, and cause allergies, so better avoid them and go for natural mosquito repellents. 

Natural mosquito repellents discussed in this article are not for children below two years of age. For infants and children below two years of age, use a mosquito net to prevent mosquito bites.

Use natural mosquito repellents such as citronella oil, Neem oil, eucalyptus oil, alcohol, and apple cider vinegar to repel Mosquitoes and prevent Mosquitoes bite.


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