Why Patronise Sprouts??

Nobody is happy with the ever-increasing prices of fruits and vegetables. Do you know the inferior results obtained for the humans by putting the fruits and vegetables in the cold storage?  Can you deny the effect of acetylene and numerous preservatives and pestisecticides used for faster maturing and preserving the natural fruits and vegetables ? Haven’t you felt that quality of milk products like cheese, butter, buttermilk, butter oil, and curd have gone bad to worse? What is the way out? The way out, perhaps, has still not struck you. It is through changing over to  for sprouts. It will reduce burden on your purse, give you wholesome food free of all disease and bacteria. Few rupees will be needed to give you plenty of balanced and nutritious  food.

Gram sprout  

Sprouting is done in three stages. Soaking – Germination – Sprouting. These stages get us the required outcome from dry seeds / grains / dals( legumes)

1) Soaking :Drop the required amount of seeds in a vessel for surface cleaning with fresh water  four times in a row.  The seeds should  best be washed at room temperature. Ensure that water temperature is not too cold or burning hot. The duration of soaking varies as per the circumstances prevailing that is:   time of year/ type of the seed. Generally:  bigger the seed more time will be taken to soak, and colder the climate more time will be taken to soak.

2) Germination: Germination completes as soon as the the surface bursts and offshoot appears. The sacrifices for the service to others by destroying itself.

3) Sprouting :

The offshoot keeps growing continuously and we see the life growing.

Complete food:

Irrespective of your position, whosoever you may be. You can make your simple sprouting outfit in minimal space, wherever you may be staying.



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