Physiological Effects of Pranayam


There are three major areas of improvement in which regular practice of Pranaym can bring about positive results, namely:

1. Brain & the nervous system

2.Lymph System

3.Oxygen Metabolism

Brain & the nervous system
Brain & the nervous system



Lymph System
Lymph System

In recent times many clinical trials have partially established that many deficiency disorders or many degenerative diseases are caused due to defective oxygen metabolism, hypoxia. Regular practice of Pranayam increases oxygen availability which:  1) potentially supports energy ( ATP,AMP & ADP) generation. 2) Generates water as a bye product of energy metabolism supplies a major portion to the lymph.

Oxygen and glucose react to give high phosphate bonds. The relationship between Oxygen demand, impulse to breath and Basal Metabolic rate(BMR) produce water, carbon dioxide & energy. Hydrolysis of Adenosine trio-phosphate (ATP)  is accompanied with the release of  chemical energy fore cellular & muscular activity. The food consumed  by humans gets converted in glucose, water & the basic energy.

 Air + Food +(BMR) = Energy +Carbon Dioxide + Water

Water Production

The second important function of the increased oxygen metabolism through the regular  practice is of Pranayam is linked to Lymph system. Besides the production of Energy in the phosphorylation cycle, there is also production of water as a waste product. The water thus produced is directly proportional to the  oxygen consumption in the cells.This water in turn is involved in the internal cleaning performed by the lymph. The water ions are major link between the breath and lymphatic system function.

Immune function:

The ATP drives the activity of every cell. Thus, immune system & the production of immune resources  such as White blood cells, lymphocytes, T-Cells, natural killer cells, etc) are indirectly dependent on oxygen consumption.

Pranayamic breathing results marked decrease in oxygen consumption thus reducing the hearts pumping rate and lesser blood pressure, This ensures increase of theta wave amplitude in EEG record.Therefore increase being more alert and more attentiveness and alertness.



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