Sprouts And Their Systematic Investigation

Sprouts are age old food since early times but not all of the human beings know much about them. They have been used for a long period and lot of findings are there for us to learn. The people living on the eastern coasts and islands of Asia have used sprouts as their major food  the soya bean, soya and moong beans in their delicacies of chop suey and chowmein.

Looking at the world population we see that the Chinese people have been using both mung sprouts and the soya beans for a very long period. The simple reason being that this food has something special to offer. This simple reason is that sprouts are the healthiest food, and very economical to prepare. Sprouts are simply the exceptionally good as the most nourishing food since they retain the freshness. People over the world have been switching over to the Chinese food, because of it’s good taste and excellent for the health. The taste buds of the people all over the world have been convinced that they gain in using sprouts as food. People like the sprouts since they found their pallet an pockets are friendly to this wonderful food.

Many books have been written on the sprouts and their uses.  One Such book  ” Feel Like a Million” that of Mrs Ellwood has disclosed that the Chinese have written books about Sprouts and their uses way back in BC 2939. It is well known that scurvy was cured in the second world war by giving sprouted peas and lentils to the suffering soldiers.



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