Complete And Balanced (Rejuvenating ) Food

Complete food in our diet include the following items seeds, grain and legumes(pulses). Humans have recognized these items as the most important part of their diet. The Yogic medical literature divide the food into two parts: 1 ) The complete food ( PURANA ANN) 2)  Rejuvenating food (Amrit Ann)

The complete food or the purna ann include the seeds, grains & legumes. But the balanced food or balanced diet we have the entire range of  food having all edible items. The supplements offered by the Medical world falling under foods, predigested foods, vitamins and minerals etc fall under the balanced food or the balanced diet.

Our body needs principally Protein, Fat, Carbohydrates, Minerals,Vitamins, Enzymes,  Water, Fiber and Calories. Hence the FOOD which has enough of these constituents sufficient for the needs of the body will be classed  as Complete food  or Purna Ann. The sprouts have the complete food in them.

The Rejuvenating Food need explanation as follows:  The food which helps the body in freeing itself from  diseases, reoccurring sickness,  premature infirmities, unnecessary weaknesses are termed as rejuvenating food.

The natural tendency of the human body is that it follows five courses in its life.–That is -Birth, Infancy, Adulthood, Old age and Death. Decay usually sets in the body in old age and it shows itself in the form of various diseases, different kinds of infirmities and weaknesses.Such is the natural course, but in some cases weaknesses and diseases take hold of the body from the very birth or infancy or childhood or adulthood. It is here that rejuvenating food come it to picture.


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