The idea balanced diet or the complete diet has gained great popularity during the last four – five  decades.  It is said that the body needs a number of constituents like Protein, Fat, Carbohydrate, Vitamins, Enzymes, Water, Fiber and Minerals.

The requirement varies according to the size of a human body. Not only that but the minimum daily requirements of each have also been worked out. They are as follows:

Protein                 55 gms                 Fat                 40  gms

Carbohydrate  450 gms                 Calcium          4 gms

Phosphorus          2 gms                  Iron                30 gms

Corotene        3000 mg.                   Thiamine     20 mg.

Riboflavin          1.5 mg                    Niacin           22 mg

Vitamin C          50 mg.

1) It should be noted that we take minerals and Vitamins out of  the synthetic preparations.Unfortunately most of us do it every day and the result is mad rush for Hospitals, Doctors and Medicines.

2)  The best thing is to so arrange our daily intake of food that out of  that we may get the necessary complete and rejuvenating food.

3)  Whatever we may eat, the attempt or the target should be to discard as few parts of it as possible e.g. if we eat apple or pear we should try to eat it with the skin and the inside core. Even if we eat the seeds there is no harm.

The Complete Food is thus that FOOD ( Seed, grain, legume ) which satisfies the conditions of  balanced Diet or the Complete Food.



Doctors at Cornell University and Virginia Polytechnic Institute have carried out extensive research on Sprouted Mung. They say that one teaspoonful of mung beans, when sprouted will give the following nutritional constituents:

Calories    17.5             Carbohydrates   3,3 gms     Protein     1.9 mgm     Fat         2 gms

Calcium    9.5 mgm    Thiamine 0.06 5 mgm        Sodium    2.5 mgm    Iron   65 mgm

Vitamin A 10 units    Riboflavin 0.065 mgm       Niacin     0.4 mgm     Vitamin  9.5mgm

Looking at the above table  it is evident that Sprouted seeds, grains & legumes have sufficient and complete rejuvenating food. One does not need any like in the form of tablets, capsules, syrups , injections or tonics or protein foods.

Sufficient And Complete Rejuvenating Food.


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