How to Control Cholesterol, Saturated Fat And Uric Acid? Through Sprouts

Saturated Fat

The trio, Cholesterol, Saturated Fat And Uric Acid which is responsible for undermining the health of vast number of persons  – old, young and children ( male or female) consists of the following :

1) Increase in the level of the cholesterol in the body.

2) In take of too much fat which is mostly of the saturated type.

3) Preponderance of Uric Acid, Urea and Ammonical salts in our body. They are end products of a number of food items which we eat.

With a view to have a control over them, a number of Don’ts and some Do’s are being being recommended by the nutrition experts and the medical men.


1)  Persons are advised not to eat certain things with a view to keep the level of cholesterol at a safe limit.

2)   Persons are advised to avoid certain types if fats  to save themselves from saturated fat.

3)  Persons are advised to avoid those items of foods which result in harmful end products i.e. uric acid, urea and ammoniacal salts beyond safe limits.


Saturated Fat


1)  The essential constituents without which the food metabolic changes can not take place safely and easily in the body are Enzymes.

2) The purpose of food is defeated without the presence of AMINO ACIDS in it.

Unsaturated Fat Food 

3)  The food is deficient in more than one way if, MINERALS, AND FIBRES are not there. Therefore, the three do’s are 1) Enzymes 2) Amino Acids c) Vitamins, minerals and        Fibers.

The Sprouts

Sprouted seeds, grains and legumes are totally safe on all the fronts  — a) Cholesterol b)  saturated fat c) end products of the food viz: urea, uric acid and ammonical salts.  Besides this they are rich in 1) Enzymes 2) Amino Acids 3) Vitamins, minerals, and fibers.  Hence sprouts are the only single food which satisfies the criteria of do’s as well as don’ts SO LET US PATRONISE SPROUTS FOR BECOMING BEAUTIFUL, STAYING YOUNG AND BECOMING DISEASE FREE.


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