White Refined Sugar The Vitamin and Calcium Thief – Part 1

All the refined foods are in a way thieves of the vitamins and minerals. That is the reason the villagers and persons living in the backward areas get more advantage out of the frugal food they eat. The persons living in the cities, living in palatial buildings, who move in cars even for very short distances, persons who are rolling in wealth, persons who are minting gold every second, are not getting the desired advantage out of the rich food they eat.

They eat lot of sweets, saltish preparations, refined processed and or preserved, canned articles. Most of the articles they eat are fried; the nutritious elements of the food are either burnt in the kitchen or are thrown away in preparing them for the various kitchen processes.

The white refined sugar is dangerously pure, all the good things — the vitamins and minerals — are all eliminated as undesirable or impure or colored things. There lies the tragedy of white refined sugar. We want to make the articles look pretty, we want to make the food plate look beautiful with food articles of different colors, different sizes, some crisp some pulpy.

In its attempt we take help from white refined sugar. Sugar  preparations are easier to make, handle and store; sugar preparations are nice to look at and so are likely to please the host as well as the guest. Do you know the high cost which the persons are who eat these nice things have to pay?

This WHITE REFINED SUGAR and all its preparations –sweets, syrups, squashes, jams, jellies, candy, toffee, chocolates, murabbas etc –are great thieves. These thieves do not add neither vitamins nor minerals to the body, on the other hand whatever stock is there in the body of vitamins and minerals that are diminished because the great thief WHITE REFINED SUGAR steals some of these things — things which are very helpful and advantageous to the body.

The main vitamin which is stolen is VITAMIN B COMPLEX  and  the mineral which is stolen is Calcium.



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