White Refined Sugar The Vitamin and Calcium Thief – Part 2

White refined sugar, when it moves through the digestive organs, needs vitamin B complex and the mineral which is stolen is CALCIUM.  As there is none in white refined sugar, so the body reserve or wherever it is there in the body is used in the process of  digestion of white refined sugar. Similarly Calcium is the casualty  i.e. Calcium is used during the process of digestion.

As white refined sugar has not a single particle of Calcium, which is needed comes from the reserve of from the parts of the body or from other food articles which happen to be supplying this essential mineral at that time to the body.

Loss of Protein, Vitamins and Minerals: – The room in the stomach is after all limited. So greater is your consumption of white refined Sugar the lesser room you will have for protein, vitamins and minerals. Taste also plays an important part. Generally it is seen that if you have developed a liking for sugar, your taste and liking for Protein, vitamins and minerals is diminished.

It is one of the reasons that persons fond of sweets, syrups, ice-creams have practically no liking for fruits and salads. Therefore, it is also an indirect loss to the body

Heart Trouble and White Sugar: – Dr. Ludkin of London Medical College is very vocal in laying the entire responsibility of heart trouble on the shoulders of white refined  sugar and other prepared, processed, preserved and refined food articles.

He says greater is the consumption of white refined sugar and less is the in take of food-fibre, the greater will be incidence of Heart Troubles.


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