Food In A Predigested Form: Sprouts


The food we eat has usually two major parts 1st)  carbohydrates 2nd) Proteins. Healthy body can digest the food with right amount of secretion and correct quantities of digestive juices. But wherever this balance of digestion is disturbed in a body outside help is required in the form of 1st) Medicinal enzymes 2nd) predigested form of food packaged in a suitable container.

Predigested Food: The food which has already been acted by enzymes converted to easily digestible sugars,  alternately proteins get partly converted to amino acids.

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It is known that carbohydrate portion of the sprouted grain or seed is acted upon by enzyme called Diastate which splits the carbohydrates thus converting them into sugar. Likewise the proteins also are acted upon and become more digestible. It may be seen that the process of digestion began outside the stomach of human being and is an example of predigested food.  It is a mistake to believe that sprouts are not easily digestible. The sprouts are better to digest than seeds or cooked seeds. The cooking and digestion of the sprouted food is faster and less time consuming using less energy or efforts are to be made by the digestive system than direct cooking of seeds, grains such as Mung, Gram, Lentils or. So sprouting helps to use  less energy.

The reference Libraries, the world over,  can be be checked for more information on natural predigested food which always means sprouted stuff. In principle Nutritionists support and usually mean predigested food to be sprouts.  



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