Mid-day Workout? Not a problem now!

Mid-day Workout? Not a problem now!

If you are a gym going guy, this one is for you. Being a 21 century residents, we are allotted with a limited time for workout in our busy schedule. But if you manage this time wisely, you will definitely be able to do more workout than ever. So just have a look at the following tips and schedule your workout as per the plans we are discussing here.
1. Stationary bike:

Just spend your first 30 minutes on this bike all the time you visit your gym. Whether you are attending a full spin session or just going for a warm up, this one is a must. One more thing about stationary bike, there is always one bike that plays hide
and seek with you in busy hours.

2.  Elliptical:

Elliptical workout helps your body to have a alternate shifting of maximum hard to maximum relaxed condition. So just don’t miss this elliptical session for a quick mid-day workout.

3. Treadmill:

Just spend your time on treadmill. Complete 3 miles in 30 minutes. A 5k playlist would be your best companion in this task.

4. Rowing machine:

This one is least popular machine in the gym. Just go on to have a session on this machine too! Just set your resistance
between 2 and 5.

5. Super-sets:

Just be the king of gym by having your calories burned by following supersets. Don’t forget to take help from you trainer. Repeat all the supersets thrice and then proceed to the next one. You can wait for one minute before proceeding to the next exercise.



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