Exercises to make you feel better in Back Pain

In a tension because of your back pain? I am giving you some exercises to make back pain a bit less irritating. Have a look…


A study shows that stretching is just effective as yoga. Stretching let it be dynamic or static, improves flexibility and hence it decreases the risk and symptoms of back-pain. To have an instant relief try “half lunge”. For this, place your left leg in front and right one backwards. Now bend your front knee up to 90 degrees and just low down the back knee few inches above the floor. Force your right hip forward a bit up to such a position that you start feeling a stretch. Hold and repeat this exercise to get good results.


Multiple studies revealed that yoga-follower suffers some less back pain in comparison to that who doesn’t pay attention to back at all. As it helps in relaxation and contraction of muscles, it helps to have a better back position. To have initial move try this, have a position of sitting on your heels.  Placing knees and hip a bit apart. Lower the torso between thighs and exhale. Place your arms forward. Hold and repeat.

Strength training:

Traditional doctors and physiotherapists have played an advocate role to promote the strength training. This training consists of using body weight to improve strength. It strengthens and stabilizes entire body. The pain occurs when there is a sudden challenge to make any move without proper preparation of muscles. To have an exercise, try Body Squat.  To do squat, stand feet and hip a distance apart. Have a knee bend and shift your hips as trying to sit on a chair lifting your arms. Do repetitions as  per your convenience.


Some studies have shown that the patients who done 4 and a half hour of Pilates a week have reportedly been observed to be a bit less stroked with this back-pain problem. Pilates basically strengthens the muscles which supports the spine. Thus decreasing the risk of an injury. Try this pelvic tilt. Just lay down with your face upside. Bend your knees and place ankles under knees. Now gently tilt your hips up with your butt on floor. Now hold for some time and then inhale, returning slowly to your normal position.

Try these exercises to get better results. I hope this works.


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