Enzymes: Their Uses in Life


It was learnt around 1930 that Enzymes are boon for the human body. As all the functions of the body are conducted by the Enzymes. Enzymes are a boon for the human body. It  is said that if enzymes were not there then our body will need a very high temprature for all the metabolic changes which are taking place every moment and everyday. This temperature without enzymes will be so high that the body will be burnt up. It is all due to the catalytic action of enzymes that these changes take place at the body temperature.

Some practitioners described the action of the enzymes as similar to that of the spark plug in a motor vehicle.  In these automobiles if there is petrol, the engine is quite new or good enough, the battery is in good condition even the automobile will start only when the spark plug ignites the fuel and sets the engines going. Just like this is the function of enzymes — they merely start the living machine going that is all. They have also been called catalytic agents because they do not partake in the actual metabolic changes but their presence is a necessity for the change to take place.



The body must be supplied with enzymes. Bootled enzymes are a very poor substitute of the natural enzymes. They are present in green (uncooked) in sprout ( uncooked).  It is worth mentioning here that  the range of temperature in which the enzymes can live is between 40 degree to 7 degrees of centigrade. The result is that the moment you raise the tempeerature to the boiling water temperature or lower to the freezing water temperature the enzymes are destroyed. Hence eat sprouts for getting enzymes . The sprouts should be eaten raw and uncooked for optimum advantage.  

Uses of enzymes

In the preparation of many different foods.:

Amylases which are present in yeast are used in brewing and baking to convert sugars into alcohol and carbon dioxide.

Proteases are used in tenderising meat. Rennin is essential to create cheese.

Invertase is used to make some soft centred sweets such as thin chocolate covered mints.

Industrial Uses:

  • Amylases -For textile and paper production
  • Ficin – For  photography processes
  • Pepsin – Used for  pharmaceutical industry
  • Bacterial proteases – making leather, textiles and in laundry
  • Catalase – rubber production
  • Taq polymerase – amplifying DNA found at crime scenes


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