How to encounter Hypertension and Blood Pressure

Blood Pressure

April 7 was celebrated as the World Health day.  As per reports of WHO, hypertension and BP and its related side effects can corner anyone. Even the youngsters are seen to be effected by this ever increasing problem  and are not spared. Good news is that hypertension and BP can easily be tackled by following regular exercise, yoga and a proper and balanced diet all without any medication.



Multiple causes may be cited for hypertension and blood pressure and can be any or more than one of the following reasons  1) over weight  2) Too much smoking, 3) Over boozing,  4) Much intake of salt, 5) Mental tention and 6) Lack of exercise.

One should maintain regular habits with  : 1) Good 30 minutes of exercise 2) Breathing deeply  3) Regular restful sleep 5)  Maintaining a weight as per the height. Drinking plenty of fresh water (up to 3 liters daily). Eating only half the hunger but slowly and chew at least 50 times for each bite, let as much saliva be secreted.  Avoid high fat food and go green thus maintaing the potassium level. Take care to eat lots of fiber such as dalia, coarse rice, mung and other lentils such as rajmah, lobia, also brown bread, 4/5 tablespoons of  sprouts. Follow the food triangle. Ensure you  keep the level of lime. Fruits to include citrus, lime juice, cane juice and allo vera, and leafy vegetables such spinach, coriander etc, and  deep colored vegetable such as: capsicum, carrots, bitter guard, radish, carrots, tomatoes, Pumpkins, fruits : papaya, mango, oranges, water melon, banana, pineapple and kiwi fruit, berries and apples Green

Avoid the greasy saturated fats  That is : Ghee(Butter oil) Full cream milk, cheese. Avoid snacks with trans fat such french fries, bakery products and use instead monounsaturated fat oil, peanut oil sunflower and soybean oil.


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