Follow Yoga, Follow Better Life

Follow Yoga, Follow Better Life

The word Yoga has ruled the world for a long time by now. What is Yoga?  Yoga is simply an alternatively form of exercise. This exercise works on the body, mind and above all the soul of the person doing this. A complete set of a yoga program is typically consisting of, mind control (meditation), exercises (asanas), some pranayam (breath controlling) and nidra (sleep) control.

These entire if, followed together works to reduce the stress. Stress can be defeated by having a deep relaxation. “ pranayams enhances the life forces within our body to a greater and better level. The natural oxygenation helps in energizing the vital organs of our body such as heart, which in turn carries this vitality to the whole body”, says, a qualified yoga instructor, Groschaan Emmanuel. Yoga is divided in foru main aspects. They are:

 1. Achaar:

The character and conduct of the human being.

2. Vichaar:

The thoughts and perceptions.

3. Vyavahaar:

The behavior

4. Ahaar:

The food or meals or simply the diet of the person.

Yoga is beneficiary in the following manner-

Reduced stress level, lower blood pressure better heart health, boosted and improved immunity and cognitive ability also gets enhanced by following yoga regularly. The trainer, further says, “The yoga blessed me with many gifts. All are my health related. The gift that I like the most is the gift of silence. I am just enjoying the life much more better than before”.


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