Misconception about Sprouts and Gas Formation

The ever increasing complaint of stomach gas formation due to sprouts is not correct. This happens due to unwanted and unnecessary fermentation in the digestive system of human body. Food one is eating may be hard for the body to break down and the body is telling you so by gas formation. It is really strange that there are thousands of medicines which claim to cure the trouble but hardly ever give instructions and precise hints regarding the food which is to be taken and the food which is to be avoided. It may be recalled that the food taken plays an important role in forming gases.

Usually people believe that gas is formed when taking sprouts as a meal. When asked how did he learn about this increase in gas formation. He said that he had heard and feel satisfied but has not experienced about this increase of the gas formation. It is best to experience by actually eating the sprouts. The research into this notion proves the other way round. The gas formation is due to the formation of oligosaccharide( a carbohydrate whose molecules are composed of a relatively small number of monosaccharide units).

The more the production of oligosaccharide the more the gas produced. Production of gases to the safe limit is essential to the functioning of the body but it is the overproduction of gas which is to be controlled. The unwanted gases can show its effect in many ways given in photos below: Headache, Nausea, dizziness, breathlessness and one  may collapse or loose consciousness.

As soon as appearance (after about 72 hours of soaking ) of the white off shoots of the sprouts after the germination commences 90% of the gas production ends – this was categorically given in letter no. PSR/MISC/77/1907 DATED 28/4/77 by the National Institute of Nutrition, Hydrabad, India. Therefore it is clearly proved that sprouts are surely anti-gas-formative.



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