8 Best Gifts From Yoga to the World

  1. Yoga is the best gift by Rishis (Sages) for all segment of people for improving health.
  2. It (Yoga) lets any one decide as to how one wants to behave(without hurting other’s sentiments).
  3. It frees individuals of prejudices, ego, inflexibility, all negative traits thus making the student clear the hurdles of life thus, improving oneself, community & the nation.
  4. It inspires individual’s  to believe in national pride & integrity.
  5. It allows all to have methods to achieve equality & equity. It impels one to attain material & spiritual objectives.
  6. It implants qualities like steadfastness, tranquility, removes doubts, suspicions, helps to self realisation & removes feelings of jealousy, inequity, sadness.
  7. Those practising yoga regularly are filled with happiness because it nourishes the mind &  provides good physical healthcare even when there are no funds available.
  8. Dissension & debate evaporate when the touch stone of Yoga is applied.Thus, all type of stresses are lessened.
All the above have been made possible because of efforts of Sages(synonymous with Scientist)
  1. The Scientists change the world as they work very hard with dedication, concentration & persistence. They give new workable solutions to the humanity like electricity, telegraph, machine, motor & steam engine, computers.
  2. The Sages (spiritual giants) have given solutions to humanity like: Valuable manuscripts  Bramsutras, Arayanaks, Upnishads & classics on medicine, astrology,maths,physics,chemistry, astronomy were work of highest wisdom of the Sages.Theory of opposites like heaven/hell, active/inactive, wisdom/ignorance, virtue/vice have been explained by the Sages minutely. The feeling of separateness is dispelled by collectiveness,and “I” is replaced by “we.


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