Tips to Get Healthy Nails

“Biting your nails is a bad habit”, Each and every mom out there use this phrase at least hundred times during the early ages of her kids (my mom still scolds me for that LoL).

The nails not just only show how hygienic you are, they specially indicate about your health too! Your nails may be even used as a style statement. So in this post, here are some tips for you to maintain your nails in a better way:

1. Diet:

Just like any other body parts, nails will be healthy only if you are getting a balanced diet. Balanced diet means, proteins, vitamins carbohydrates etc. in specific proportion. Various food journals or a diet consultant may be contacted in case you doubt about your intakes.

2. Chemical effects:

Varying nail paints frequently affects your nails adversely. Try an acetone-free paint remover. Acetone, being a hard chemical will make your nails dry and fragile.

3. Don’t bite:

Never bite your nails. It will ruin the looks as well as it will make you go untidy. A manicure set should be used to clean your nails.

4. Trimming:

Trim your nails regularly. Use emery board for the rough edges. After you just finish, just go to moisturize your nails as it will protect your nails against cracks or breakage.

5. Just believe a reputed (or trustworthy) place is the best. Keep in mind hygiene should be maintained during manicure and pedicure.


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