How To Cure Diabetes Through Yoga

Sit in Vajar asan as shown in the pictures below. Close your fists and join them at the knuckles and after breathing out press the fist with thumbs pressing next to naval’s both sides into the stomach. Bend your trunk so that closed  fists are pressing the thighs with the little fingers. Straighten your trunk and look in front the vision parallel to the ground. This is called Frog asan or Mandook asan (Hindi). Practice each pose for three times for about 15 seconds each time. The 2nd pose is with palms left one at the bottom with right palm on top to be centered covering the naval – the mechanism will be same for the 2nd pose. repeat for three times as before.One may note that Muslim do their prayers while sittin



This is to be followed by third pose called , the rabbit pose or sashak asan: Stretch your arms upwards with palm and fingers stright pointing towards sky and breath out while bending forward and touching the ground with the fore head. Again repeat for at least 3 times with a short break to take  the breath. The breath in each of the pose is not to be taken when bending forward.Those who can not sit in vajar asan should sit on a chair or in easy pose called sukh asan. By pressing the pancreas the bee-ta cells are activated. Other precautions are taken by having the correct food. Take juice of cucumber plus tomato juice, also Berries (Jamun seed powder.) Khira tamtar juice empty stomach.

Take giloy juice as it prevents multiple diseases like, Diabetes, TB, Cancer, obesity, vat, pit and cough.

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