Sprouts In The Context Of Malnutrition Vs Rich Food

It is unbelievable but true that taking rich food round the year, has been found to result into malnutrition. Normally, it is saidor thought that a person taking rich and expensive food in 24 hours can not fall in the category of malnutrition. Scientifically, medically & nutrition point of view it has been established that one can with no limitation to food can be said to be a case of malnutrition.With a little care to take sprouts of various food one can get all the good health. Balanced and mixed food (vegetarian and non-vegetarian) will always keep the populace safe nutritionally. The cost would be far less than taking non sprouted food.

Any one of the deficient state of micro-nutrients vitamins and minerals, energy or protein is said to promote malnutrition. The body will suffer from harm in one or all clinical outcome, function or composition.  Generally it is thought that developing countries populace only has malnutrition.  But we find the same in developed countries’ elderly and hospitalized populations and else where in the world. It may be noted that obesity in any age group is also malnutrition.

It can be easily seen that sprouted legumes or other seeds are health giving and rich source of micro-nutrients vitamins, minerals, energy and protein are said to negate malnutrition. They are super saver for money and give the best obesityof of food value to people with little means.For those who are able to afford any food at any time should go all out to reap the benefits of sprouts in their day to day life . This will ensure their regaining good health.



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