7 Benefits of Laughter

There are  atleast seven benefits of hearty laughing as given below:

1)  Jolly, hilarious and humorous person can face and solve all the problems of life, physical and mental.  He can still come out successful.  He keeps laughing from within. The joy of living becomes many folds if one remains on crest (High point) of life’s ups and downs. The trough (low point) is unknown. He feels beauty in life which continuously oozes out of all the creation. Growing children and vegitation.


2) By laughing from within and outwardly the self confidence increases many folds. As a result the self -confidence is always on the increase. One remains thankful to the Creator for giving this thought to be happy and remain fulfilled with nature’s free gift of fresh air, sunshine and life which is always manifesting through new life coming in the nature by means of children, plants and new generation of  all Species. Deciphering stress.  Stress, is number one killer. It is making the human beings sick and bring all types of diseases. It can easily be deciphered by laughter.

3) Certain hormones are secreted while laughing, conquer depression, worry, sorrow, and free one from the harmful effects of negative tendencies. Muscles get relaxed and help in getting rid of all types of heart problems.

4) The blood pressure remains with in the desired parameters for each group of age. Strengthening of immune system is involuntary.

5) The body, stomach, back and facial muscles remain ship-shape as laughing is a good exercise of physical and mental existence.

6) The laughter keeps one free of boredom, staleness, body tiredness, mental fatigue  and general pain in life.

7) The cheerful person remains free of laziness, mental lethargy and negative thoughts.



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