Pranayama’s Importance to Promote Health.

By properly practicing Pranayama a good health can be maintained and cure many diseases. Right from the initial stage when following pranayama the digestive system starts to improve. It helps by clearing of the very fine metabolic waste from the body through boosting the enzymatic action. Numerous researches have shown that pranayama improves blood’s homeostasis through the breathing techniques. The homeostasis can be steadily improved by increasing the period of pranayama.

Atmospheric carbon dioxide is converted by plants to energy-rich molecules such as glucose.

In addition to prevention and management of diseases, it has been observed that a significant improvements in general health by practicing pranayama and yoga exercises regularly. Three are three significant phases of pranayama called : First – Purak or breathing in air into the Lungs . Second: Kumbhak- holding the breath inside. Third: Rechak – Expelling the air from the lungs.  All the three operations are to be routed,as far as possible, through the nostrils always.

Maharishi Patanjali gave extensive instructions for posterity for Pranayama(being the fourth step of eight stage Yoga – AshtangYoga). It should be understood that pranayama is not merely a physical exercise or action – one must do it sincerely with feelings, remaining sensitive, sentimental for what is going on with body and mind. Sage Patanjali demonstrated  in gradual stages the benefits of pranayama. Through its genuine practice of  one learns more about yoga as a complete system of health maintenance.One learns that yoga through pranayama treats and corrects the diseases by correcting the cause of a disease.  

Pranayama and Yoga is more of tackling the life with philosophical touch. It is a preparation, a sum total of  1) physical (physical action),  2) perceptional ability to grasp 3) enhancing the mental alertness 4) intellectual preparedness and  finally 5) spiritual elevation of self. Only after understanding the rules one learns gradually the principals for happy, healthy and spiritual life.



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