Laughter’s Effects on Vital Organs

Laughter is exclusive God’s gift to human being – something which one should be thankful for. It is believed that every thing in the world has a reason to exist and is useful in some manners to the universe.  If some one does not meet you with a smile – how bad do you feel about it? The same applies to to you as well while meeting others – so do smile. It is best to smile always. You can try with your self – smile and look at your face in a mirror. The life seems so good as if there are no problems left in the world.

 Laugh and Bmile Calling one self civilized, does not mean to stop laughing or smiling. Some people think laughing/smiling or making others laughing/smile is a sign of backwardness or below civilized society’s behavior. Lately laughing has been included as a healing system. In naturopathy laughing and smiling is given much importance as a means of treatment. Laughter and smile immediately affect the heart and brain. Stress, worry, and mental problems start to vanish easily.  The body starts to get energy and the healing process begins as soon as one laughs. It is believed over one hundred feeling centers of the human body get affected by laughter and smile at any one time.

Here under are given benefits to the body on laughing & smiling:

1. Laughter and Stomach:  As one laughs with peals of roars, the stomach muscles are activated. All the viscera sticking to the intestines is pushed downward and outward to the rectum thus making the stomach empty. The natural stomach massage is taking place as roaring laughter is practiced. With early morning laughter one gets timely nature’s call. One feels relieved from the body – the day ahead passes smoothly and happily without any distraction from the body.

2. Laughter and Mind: All the problems seem to vanish if one laughs and smiles and takes things lightly. Laughter makes the opposition or people around  feel better. One can notice the difference the laughter makes in one’s life – the bodily functions begin naturally and normally. In today’s world it may be noticed that – one may not be as unhappy due to own’s failures but becomes unhappy by seeing the progress of others. This is because of all the negativity due to anger, avarice, temptation, egotism and dissatisfaction prevailing around. As the mist and fog are driven away on advent of the sun so does by laughing outwardly and from within makes negativity disappear. In a laughing state the mind is set free of all the negative feelings.

3.Laughter and Brain: The laughter has a positive effect on the brain. Make a person(who is angry) laugh and you will see that person will usually cool off soon. In reality the quantity of the happy harmon called beta endorphin increase many fold. As a result the brain gets activated in a positive way. The emotional level gets vibrations of positivism. The scientists have been able to discover other happy harmon called serotinin and dopa min which are also released as one laughs and smiles.

4. Laughter and Heart: Laughter affects the heart immediately. The heart gets fresh supply of oxygenated blood with more hemoglobin, the polluted blood is expelled through the action of lungs. As a result wonderful results are obtained making the heart is livelier and responding to the surroundings with positive feeling.

It may be added that laughing also introduces Love in life. God gave this special gift to man to use and spread love around through laughter and smile.It is impossible where there is laughter there is no love. If laughter is the seed, Love is the tree. Where there is love, there has to be laughter, they complement each other to make life complete,



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