Laugh a Lot, Your Life Will Change

Hilarious laughter shows all your teeth.  If you laugh jubilantly it works as a medicine and reduces headache, this was the declared by a Oxford University research. Undoubtedly one looks more handsome – the facial lines and curves either disappear or get hidden. Endorphin Harmon secretion increases and complex chemicals in brain and elsewhere to eliminate the pain. Laughter and jokes increase the capacity to bear the pain between 7 to 15  percent. See how the following miracle may take place if you regularly practice laughing:

1. Laughter relaxes the muscles

2. It is believed to cure heart diseases.

3. It reduces excitement and fear.

4. The mood is kept all right if you laugh jubilantly.

5. The immunity to fight disease increases.

6. The learning and memory power increase many fold.

7. Laughter enhance the capacity of blood’s T-cells and gamma interferon  to fight back against formation of tumor

8 The blood pressure reduces if you laugh on regular basis and improve the blood circulation.

9 The stress Harmon like cortisol and adrenaline become less effective.

10 The stomach,  diaphragm, facial, leg and back muscle are toned up and remain flexible.

Social benefits of Laughter

1. Relationship become better.

2. The life is rejuvenated, joy and enthusiasm and communication improve manifold.

3. Awareness and proactive response increases.

4. Harmony prevails while working in a team / organization.

5. Conflicts rarely arise.

6. Laughter draws others closer to you.

laugh now


Find opportunities to Laugh through the following:

1. See some new movie or a TV show. Usually they have funny things to laugh.

2. Become a member of a local laughter club.

3. Contact some jovial people and meet on regular basis for keeping your mood fine.

4. Often play with a pet to keep your good control over your nerve and nature

5. Always try and see the funny side of a situation or Crack a joke.

6. Spend time with Kids, they are so fresh, lively and spontaneous.

Laughter is the best Medicine: Laughter not only improves your bodily and mental health but also emotional health. It keeps you in positive state of mind during difficult situation. As soon as possible you should learn that without laughter your day is incomplete and that a laughing face makes your personality attractive. Laughter improves the arteries’ working condition. It increases the blood circulation thereby reducing the chances of heart attack or cardiovascular diseases. Laughing to glory the arteries expand making the blood reach all parts of the body thereby strengthening the immune system. It brings good changes in the body reducing stress and increase the energy level. The laughter keeps the balance of body systems in very good state. The feel good Harmon endorphin start to secrete more and give you the feeling that all is well. Laughter induces a healthy emotional catharsis and also a feeling of release from worries and joyfulness that can last for days. This can be followed by guided relaxation exercises. 



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