Car Rally at Houston – Extravaganza American Love all the Way

Marvel at the extravaganza American love all the way – see & wonder how this car modeller wants to show off.

Here is to peacock car  with flower lace  on the bonnet – a neat sweep of colour & imagination.

Here is to Up & down phenomenon of life – depicted artistically.

Imagine Balloon car taking all by surprise.

Here is to Horse drawn car.The kids would love to ride & make lots of fun

Guess what is this ??

Let your imagination make trip to wonderland , Front entry door with a wheel on it.

Here is to a trolly in tow with fancy Car.

Skull shaped car may make one wonder why on earth such a shaped car. But variety is essence of life.

Imagine rats being the carrier of Gods from far off lands of South America & Central America, Incas & Indians of the East.

In India ( Bharat) Rat is the Official ever ready carrier(driver) of Lord Ganesh.

Why shouldn’t we have Hen driving us around?  Its fun to see  people cocking around at the sight of this car. Everybody will

certainly have something to say & remember the backyard noises of  old time homes.



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