Real LIfe Situations

For those living in the cities having access to modern gadgets & internet world. See the irony of todays kids !!



Do you see the irony of the graph” Value of something ”  in life? How real it is !!

Comparative Val



Cycle v/s the car – can you beat the truth of the situation ??

Cycle v:s Car-slimming

Use the resources and do not waste them  !!!!

Use resources to get ahead

Take time to think carefully about the things you say or do, and consider how it might affect people who you are close to.
 How thoughtful to think as given below

Pain Dedined

Money’s value diving in real time

Monery value nose diving

Yes one has to be discreet enough to know when to get involved or give up

Get lost

Feeling mean different for different people. Some interpret it as each one to do as he feels it, but for others it may mean as laid down by the society norm. It is best to keep to oneself all feelings and express the  same to very close ones. Also feelings vary different at different times, age and conditions prevailing.


Very easy way to solve problems of life is to talk to each other. If the problems are not solved by the tested ways, then new methods should be tried out.


In social media one can use three monkeys’ theory. Dont write

three monkeys of Gandhi

How to be happy

The love is the most powerful emotion in the world. It has many flavors :  Love for Creator, Love for Parents, Between brothers & sisters,  Love for progeny, Love for poor & helpless.Love has so many shades. It also refers to a variety of different feelings, states, and attitudes that ranges from interpersonal affection. Platonic love. Love between two lovers it could be lust, attraction, and attachment. To sum up Love may be termed as a complex emotion but common between living Humans



1st re cross Vehichle


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