Selected and Interesting Happenings Around – 4

Ferrari Hong Kong Celebrated its 30th anniversary.

Over 600 Ferrari were on display. Red, Yellow and white cars on displaying the pattern of Bauhinia Blakeana which is a five-petal flower representing the symbol of Hong Kong. These cars were from the Italian maker rayer model 195 Inter, 365 GTC and with Dino XX and FXX Evolution car.


Story behind Apollo II space suit:

The space suit is so made that it saves the astronaut from any situation that endangers its wearer. Garment which is an additional requisite to be worn by any astronaut performing an extra-vehicular activity outside of the Space Shuttle at its former Earth-orbital. It should be so made that the astronaut is able to work safely,comfortably and easily.For the first Moon landing astronauts Neil Armstrong and Budge Aldrin the NASA had conducted a contest : How to make and who will make  space suits. The decision was taken in the same contest.This contest was won by the women apparel maker  “Platilex” Platilex had claimed that it would l make spacesuits better than the company making spacesuit.  A lot of fun was made of this claim by the world. But to the surprise of all,the suit of this company proved to be the best of all the military supplier.  Abraham Nathaniel Spaniel the fonder of this company and his his TV mechanic won this contest. The space suit was made of 21 layers of fabric called Gossamer ultra thin.  A gossamer is a very light, sheer, gauze-like fabric, popular for white wedding dresses and decorations.

space suit


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