Berlin Wall – Its Pieces & Parts

Germany had lost the Second world war while facing Russians and the Allied forces. Berlin was the headquarters of Third reich or the head quarters of the Nazi Government. The war, as it progressed had to be fought from all sides.

In the final days in 1945, there were fierce battles fought by Germans al-around Berlin. Armed forces had to face onslaught from east by the Russians and Allied forces on the west. Germans were getting diminished rapidly from all the sides. Finally, Germans lost when surrounded from all sides. The territory was divided and shared on the basis of areas the battles were fought and occupied. Berlin was divided into four zones between Soviet union with half and the other half was shared together by the US, France and England. Germany was divided as East and West Germany, all along wherever the forces were present at the end of the war 1n 1945.

45Considering the properties in Berlin as war spoil, the Soviet Union had moved and striped nearly all the factory equipments and other equipments to the Soviet Union for their loses. Prior and after 1961 the people of East Germany were tired of repressive measure of the East German Government. This Government was nothing more than a puppet of the Soviets. They kept crossing over into West Berlin when ever they got a chance. They were finally flown to WestGermany and were provided with jobs, house and most important the freedom of thought, action and liberty. 

The Wall of Berlin was constructed overnight by the Government of East Germany on 13th August 1961 to prevent the East Germans to cross over to West Germany. For long 28 years it partially prevented the East Germans to flee to the West.  The people from East tried and were sometimes successful in crossing over. Virtually, it became the symbolic boundary between Capitalism and Communism. As it was constructed overnight, so it was demolished instantly on November 9, 1989. People in the West rejoiced and celebrated on its destruction. 

The populace who crossed over wanted to lead life of freedom of thought, action free from fear of the State coercion. The western part of Berlin progressed rapidly and became an example to boast for its advancement in all fields of industrialization, housing , availability of capital goods, in the freedom of speech and movement.  It was just the opposite in the East Berlin,  as people there felt repressed with lack of refinement all fields.

The original pieces of the Berlin Wall have been kept for sale in Telto city. To day the pieces do not have much significance of the wall. Parts of the wall were shipped to various Museums and also privately by organization around the world.



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