Best Innovations of 2013: Artificial Memory, Password in Stomach ETC


Artificial Memory may, in very near future use light to make human forget the worst depression, shock or post-traumatic stress disorder.The Neuro Scientist Researcher Steve Ramirez at MIT Boston in the “Project Inception” was able to make a mouse forget about shock by tracking and activating the memory brain cells made the mouse feel it had pain in another place. By tracking and activating memory-related brain cells, the team made a mouse react as if it had received shocks in one place when the animal had actually  experienced that pain in another. These experiments can get good results for the humans. By this new innovation humans will get relief from shock,set back or Frustration by erasing the memory.

Passwords in Your Stomach

It is hard to remember security password. You will wonder that Motorola has made such a tablet which on swallowing will transmit the password to computer or phone so that these instruments will be transmitted the same and allow you to use the net or phone. There will be a chip in this tablet which operates on the acid present in the stomach.


FDA approved device will automatically control the supply of insulin if the glucose level falls too low and prevent the person’s into diabetic coma. This device is good for patients of type one diabetes. Danger from night time increase of insulin can be prevented.


Volvo had invited designers to give designs for solar panel for its V60 High bred car. The winning firm ” Synthesis design and Architecture made
V60_plugin_hybrid_topbanner_my14 a flexible panel which could be rolled and kept in the boot.



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