Best Innovations 0f 2013 Part 3 – Gravity Light

Gravity Light:

To generate light until now the poor masses from developing world rely on bio mass like kerosene for the light.

Half the world population have no access to electricity for light and cooking but use bio mass. They inhale fumes and generate CO2 thus polluting the environment. It is estimated that a single kerosene lamp emits 100 kilos of co2 in a year. With the efforts of Deciwatt much will be contributed for a sustainable and environment friendly simple gadget.

The engineers of a Deciwatt from the US were given the job to manufacture lights with in ten dollars for the poor with the aim of doing away with burning  kerosene.  The engineers were able to manufacture Gravity lamp. They light up due to gravity of weight of any one of stones, water or sand. The power generated due to gravity of weight light for 25 minutes at each pull.

The benefits are: 1) It has long lasting life 2) No running cost 3) No need for sunshine or batteries 4) Useable over any number of times.

Gravity Light is the brain child of Martin Riddiford and JimReeves. The former is the technical director and solver of problems and coordinator of engineering side of the enterprise. He makes the contribution of providing a forward looking and conducive atmosphere for all hands in their establishment. Jim Reeves is the partner in this invention. The cost and quality can be taken care through his efforts. – their motto cum mission is to explore ” How to do more with less”; in turn empowering people through sustainable and affordable low power solutions always being environment friendly.




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